How about red rosewood furniture?

The advantage of red rosewood furniture is that the color is darker and the wood is heavier. The wood itself has its own fragrance, but the yield is less, so it is difficult to have high quality trees and the quality is uneven. The lines and rings are not clear and the visual effects are not fresh enough. The following small series will take you to see how the red rosewood furniture is.


How about red rosewood furniture:

Red rosewood is a kind of redwood and is a high-grade precious wood. It is also because of its high value, so there are unscrupulous merchants shoddy and fake. Red rosewood wood has an acid odor, loose pore material, wood reddish brown and dark brown or purple black, the oil is weak and the air dry density is 0.9-1.2 grams per cubic centimeter. Simply put, the upper and lower sides of a wooden board should have a small difference in color, especially the direction of the wood texture should be basically the same; the original color of the wood is not so easy to say that it can be wiped off by rubbing it twice.

At present, the most potential for appreciation is Laos red rosewood. The red rosewood pattern of Laos is beautiful, elegant and fresh, with a distinct texture layering, with dark brown or brown straight silky stripes. It has a high density and can sink in water. It is not easy to crack relative to other red rosewood. It not only has the fascinating pattern of huanghuali, but also has the color of red sandalwood. Therefore, red rosewood and lobular rosewood and huanghuali are called the “three tribute trees” dedicated to the palace.

In China, Laos red rosewood is widely used in the production of high-grade mahogany furniture of various types and styles, as well as decorative crafts, musical instruments and sculptures. Before 2005, Laos red rosewood had a good material of less than 10,000 yuan, and the serious amount was very rare. It can be expected that Laos red rosewood will be as rare as Hainan huanghuali if it is not strictly protected for less than five years.

Since 2012, the price of red rosewood furniture has been rising. Barry Dalbergia's 11-piece set of Qing style furniture is about 220,000. The price of a set of three-piece bed (bed, bedside table) in the bedroom series is about 100,000. The price of some valuable red rosewood 10 piece living room series reached 700,000. The price of red rosewood furniture of different tree species is quite different. In 2014, the price of red rosewood furniture increased in different degrees.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing Siamese rosewood furniture?

First, don't be "fascinated" by the name:

The presence of "red rosewood, red rosewood, white rosewood, etc." in the rosewood makes it easy for consumers to confuse when purchasing. The best and most collectible material in the rosewood is the Laohong rosewood furniture (scientific name Sian rosewood). Therefore, the redwood fans must recognize their scientific name, do not get blinded by the common name, and put on the "set" of unscrupulous merchants;

Second, the furniture is good, the selection of materials is very important:

Material selection is the most critical basis for making a mahogany furniture, but it is often overlooked. As we all know, mahogany furniture 'core material' and 'sapwood', quality, price are far apart. Because white edge refers to a growth layer about 5-8 cm thick between the bark and the core material, which is rich in nutrients and easy to produce aphids. Therefore, Fujian Hongjingtian Redwood reminds everyone to go to the production workshop to watch the semi-finished materials and on-site processing flow when purchasing mahogany furniture. I hope everyone can polish the eye to buy high-quality product quality;

Third, identify the confusing wood has a trick:

In the identification, the closest to the Sian rosewood material is also very confusing, mainly the dimpled Dalbergia, the bad merchants often use the dimple Dalbergia to pretend to be the Dalbergia to earn the difference. The price of Dwarf Dalbergia in Guatemala is about 50,000 per ton, about 100,000 per ton in Mexico, and the price of logs of Dalbergia chinensis is several times different;

Fourth, the craft is good to "add icing on the cake":

For mahogany furniture, the process is also very critical. The so-called "three-point material and seven-point work", good materials can only be used to "excellent quality". Choosing good materials but not good crafts can only be "violent things", not only without artistic value but spoiling wood.

The craftsmanship of mahogany furniture is reflected in the various process steps of woodworking, assembly, engraving, polishing, lacquering, etc. The level of technology directly affects the price of the finished product, so it is necessary to observe carefully when purchasing.

In fact, red rosewood furniture has three major values: the home use value of red rosewood furniture, the historical heritage of red rosewood furniture, and the distribution value of red rosewood furniture. As a nobleman in antique furniture, red rosewood furniture will be loved by more and more people, and its prospects for future development are also very good.

The above is some of the characteristics of the red rosewood furniture introduced by Xiaobian and the purchasing method. I hope I can help you. Today, the introduction of Xiaobian is here, more relevant information, so stay tuned for GO Follow-up reports.

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