Golden pillow? Do you dare to use it?

At this time, a golden pillow that you can't imagine is a golden pillow that most people dare not challenge. It is a golden pillow that many people are afraid of. What kind of pillows do people love to hide? Do you understand such a golden pillow? Today, Go will introduce you to this expensive gold pillow.


Golden pillow purchase:

1. Shape: To choose the long shape, the tail is pointed. Choosing a big head, looks like a mace, there is a stock hill Qiu Ding. The more the meat, the more meat, the bigger the water.

2, the number of petals: the more the better, the more meat the more.

3, color: yellowish, cracked, more mature.

4, the crack: must look at the crack, the skin is thin, thin skin means that the meat shell is a bit open is cooked, sweeter is more delicious, but the shell can not be too long, too mature It is rotten. Of course, it is not necessarily the opening. It is good. Nowadays, many supermarkets are full of raw and open, not naturally cracked, it is not good.

5, softness: pinch the two adjacent thorns by hand, it is easy to get together and is cooked.

6. Shaking: When you shake the sound, it means you can eat it.

Have you seen the above gold pillows more confused? How can this golden pillow still be eaten? Xiao Bian here will not buy it with everyone. In fact, the golden pillow in everyone's mouth is also one of the durian varieties. Do you dare to sleep like this "pillow"? In fact, comparable to the "golden pillow" is the pure natural latex pillow.


The name on the market for latex pillows is somewhat confusing. Some synthetic foams and sponge pillows are also called latex pillows. Latex pillows are also available in synthetic milk and natural latex. Please ask when purchasing. Only the real latex pillow will disperse the natural milky aroma. Other materials are not available. Real latex pillows have thousands of honeycomb vents that hold more air than other fibers. Feel, touch with your hand, feels like a skin. Natural latex pillows are made from pure natural latex. Latex pillows are breathable and hygroscopic. Their unique soft touch and high elasticity of latex are able to conform to the contours of the body and support the human spine. The traditional shape of latex pillows is suitable for users who have been using traditional pillows for many years. Latex pillows not only meet the long-term sleep habits, but also give natural latex pillows a healthy and comfortable sleep.

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