Analysis on the use of plastic foam machinery industry in the future market

[ Jiuzhi Plastics News] With the continuous development of plastic foam plastic machinery technology, the controller is not a simple motion control, but includes melt temperature, injection pressure, injection speed, dwell time, cooling process and hydraulic circuit. Comprehensive control of various parameters. In the past, most of them used open-loop control and are currently moving toward closed-loop control. The new equipment has further requirements for the control capability and response speed of the controller. The traditional embedded product-based controller is difficult to meet these requirements, so PLC is mainly used in new equipment and large equipment. The use of PLCs on high-end and large-scale equipment and the use of dedicated controllers on low-end and mid-range equipment will not change in the plastics machinery industry in the next three years. Competitive prices are a prerequisite for entering the largest market for general-purpose plastic foam machinery controllers. Due to the huge amount of construction machinery products, even if there is demand from government investment, it may not be necessary to purchase new machines on a large scale.
So far, the procurement of equipment has been dominated by new customers and small equipment; old customers have only recently started to purchase, and sales of medium-sized equipment have gradually begun; most customers purchase equipment for emergency use; pump sales began to pick up in April. This shows that the real estate operating rate has gradually increased, which also indicates that the procurement of large equipment has gradually started.
The actual amount of equipment required for a project is greater than the sales volume, and many of the demand is consumed by the equipment that is retained. However, once the equipment is consumed, the new demand will be directly converted into the purchase of the equipment. It is estimated that this critical point is coming. In this way, even if the demand is lower than the previous month, the sales situation of the new machine may not be weakened.
The overall sense of the industry is in a slow recovery process, although the seasonal decline has begun, but the magnitude is weaker than in previous years, and the warming trend is still continuing at its own pace. The operation and management of machinery manufacturing enterprises. Machinery is generally a complex product assembled from many precision parts with unique forming and machining processes. Production batches are available in single and small batches, as well as in medium and large batches, until mass production. The sales target covers all industries, individuals and families. Moreover, under the influence of social and economic conditions, sales volume may fluctuate greatly. Therefore, the management and operation of machinery manufacturing enterprises are particularly complicated, and the research on production management, planning and management of enterprises has mostly started in the machinery industry.

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