Bona Fontaine talks about the use of electric ovens

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the popularity of small household appliances is also getting higher and higher, and Western-style small household appliances like electric ovens have begun to enter Chinese families. But how should the electric oven be used? Maybe many people are still not quite sure. Boehner and today we have a look at Fontaine electric oven tips.


1. Place the electric oven. In fact, there is no need to talk about it. We all know that the electrical appliances are placed in the same way as the electric oven. It should be placed in a stable and stable place, and it must be fixed. Pay attention to the use of the power supply. The socket should be corresponding and kept clean.

2. Control the temperature. When using, it is necessary to adjust the cooking time according to the variety and weight of the food. The frozen food and the lean meat barbecue will take a little longer. When baking the food, remember to turn it over to make it evenly heated. Do not use it frequently in the electric oven. Open the furnace door to avoid heat loss.


3. Pay attention to normal phenomena and heat insulation. If it is to bake food with moisture, condensation will appear on the door of the oven; if it is grilled meat, there will be oil smoke, which is normal. However, it is important to note that the electric oven after work will be very hot, and you should stop the electricity when you take out the food to avoid burns your fingers.

4. How to clean. In general, you should keep the inside of the electric oven clean. After baking the food, if there is seasoning and oil residue in the oven, you can wet the soapy water with a towel and gently wipe the inner wall of the oven until the residue is completely wiped off. Be careful not to rinse the inside of the oven with clean water to prevent the electrical components from getting wet. Do not try to clean the heating tube. After wiping the grease, open the furnace door to let the moisture out. The power plug should be pulled out before cleaning to avoid leakage and damage to yourself.


The above is the knowledge of the electric oven that Xiaobian has compiled for you. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the official website of our website.

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