What is the price of fast food tables and chairs?

Now, in order to adapt to the fast pace of life, large and small fast food restaurant has been very common, and buy some retractable, accounting for an area of a few fast food tables and chairs, is to open a fast-food restaurant that must be considered, then, fast food What is the price of tables and chairs ? Let's take a look.


Fast food table and chair introduction

Fast food tables and chairs are special tables and chairs for eating fast food, most of which refer to dining tables, dining chairs, and cooking utensils. It is an instrument used in human daily life and social activities to have functions such as sitting, leaning, and eating. It is usually assembled by a number of zeros and parts in a certain joint.

Fast food tables and chairs prices

Let's talk about the price of dining tables and chairs in fast food restaurants, different prices for different tables and chairs, reference price:

Stainless steel table top: 4 people: 480 yuan; 6 people: 600 yuan; 8 people: 720 yuan;

Fire board / FRP: 4 people: 500 yuan; 6 people: 600 yuan; 8 people: 800 yuan;

Common size reference for dinette

(1) Table height: 750-790mm;

(2) Dining chair height; 450-500mm;

(3) Round table diameter: two people 500mm, two people 800mm, four people 900mm, five people 1100mm, six people 1100-1250mm, eight people 1300mm, ten people l500mm, twelve people 1800mm;

(4) Square table size: two people 700 × 850 (mm), four people 1350 × 850 (mm), eight people 2250 × 850 (mm);

(5) Table turntable diameter; 600-800mm.

The above is the information about the price of the fast dining table and chairs introduced by Xiaobian, I hope to help everyone buy.

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