Ultrasonic Flowmeter - Probe Installation

Ultrasonic Flowmeter - Probe Installation

Ultrasonic flowmeter must be installed in the installation position, so that it can better prevent the installation of ultrasonic flowmeter problems, then the installation location should avoid what?

1 , to avoid the installation of the machine in the pump, high-power radio, frequency conversion, that is, a strong magnetic field and vibration interference ;

2. Select pipe sections that should be uniformly dense and easy to transmit ultrasonic waves ;

3 , must have a long enough straight section, the upstream straight section of the installation point must be greater than 10D ( Note: D = diameter ) , the downstream should be greater than 5D;

4 , the installation point upstream from the pump should have 30D distance ;

5 , the fluid should be filled with pipes ;

Ultrasonic flow meter installation requirements are simple and convenient in the installation of all flow meters. Simply select a suitable measurement point, input the piping parameters at the measurement point into the flow meter, and then fix the probe on the pipe.

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