The new "Environmental Protection Law" under the pressure of Zibo Tao enterprises

The new "Environmental Protection Law" under the pressure of Zibo Tao enterprises

On the afternoon of April 24th, the most stringent new “Environmental Protection Law” in history was passed by the eighth session of the Standing Committee of the 12th National People’s Republic of China. The new “Environmental Protection Law” conferred more legal authority on the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Take stricter punitive measures against environmental destruction and related responsibility units, including closing polluting enterprises and confiscation of polluting facilities and equipment. Legal provisions have also been increased from the original 47 to 70, and no penalty has been imposed on the establishment of polluting enterprises. policy. It is reported that the new "Environmental Protection Law" will be implemented on January 1 next year. Some industry sources said that due to the impact of the new "Environmental Protection Law," the environmental protection pressure for building ceramics enterprises in Shandong Zibo next year will intensify.

In recent years, the Zibo municipal government has stepped up efforts to rectify the environmental protection of the ceramic industry. At the beginning of this year, it implemented the environmental protection deadline management policy for the ceramic enterprises within the city, and at the same time introduced the environmental protection deadline for the implementation of building ceramics enterprises. Governance standards, raw coal and powdered material storage, coal quality supervision, coal gas station, smoke (powdery) dust treatment, oxidation treatment, nitrogen oxide treatment, monitoring facilities, production wastewater treatment, waste crushing Material management, plant roads, traffic dust control and other aspects have proposed governance standards, and a number of ceramic companies that have not met the environmental protection requirements have stopped production and rectification.

After the introduction of the new “Environmental Protection Law,” the Zibo Municipal Government’s efforts to rectify the environmental protection of the pottery industry may further increase. Yu Zhaochun, director of the Zibo City Environmental Protection Bureau, said in an interview that in the past, the legal awareness of the manufacturing enterprises was not strong, and if they did not comply with the law, they would be warned by the environmental protection department to pay the fines for the maximum penalty. The new law stipulates that if a company fails to obtain a pollutant discharge permit to discharge pollutants, it will be ordered by relevant departments to stop the discharge of pollutants, and if it refuses to implement it, it is necessary to detain relevant persons in charge of the company. "In other words, in the future, if companies do not abide by the law, they will probably face severe legal sanctions."

In addition, the new "Environmental Protection Law" changed the penalty, and it became a daily fine. If the polluting enterprises fail to rectify the problem within the time limit, then the penalties for enterprises will be calculated on a daily basis, the longer the rectification time will be dragged, the higher the penalty amount will be, and the cap will not be capped. "High penalties will allow companies to pay more attention to earnestly consider how to improve pollution control measures as soon as possible." Yu Zhaochun said.

The transformation of the clean production industry and the acceleration of high-pressure environmental protection policies have enabled Zibo to build a pottery industry to accelerate the transformation of environmental protection, energy conservation and clean production. In addition to the installation of advanced environmental protection facilities in the factory, Zibo Jiantao is now actively developing energy-saving ceramic products. And equipment. For example, Shandong Yike Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.'s dry-process milling technology, the annual energy savings of a single production line is equivalent to 4771 tons of standard coal, and the comprehensive energy-saving rate is 60%; Zibo Vickers Ceramics Co., Ltd. starts from the product and launches zirconium-free ceramic tiles. The production cost has dropped by 10%, and the resource consumption has dropped by 12% on average. Zibo Senna New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development of ceramic raw material grinding systems, using Senna's high-aluminum balls instead of traditional Chinese aluminum balls for grinding ceramic raw materials, and ball stone loss. Less than one-third of Chinalco Balls, grinding time is reduced by 20%, not only to increase production, but also save a lot of electricity and energy consumption.

According to Zhao Chunchun, in the second half of this year, the preliminary work of the permit permit for Zibo City will be conducted in advance. Yu Zhaochun said: “We must pay close attention to this more than half a year’s time and organize investigations to find out what enterprises, institutions and social organizations need to discharge pollutants, what kind of pollutants are discharged, and what is the amount of emissions. Only the preparatory work has been done. In the state's total discharge quota, it is possible to specify which emissions can be issued, how much to issue, and what needs to be controlled. For those who need control, environmental protection should be implemented in the second half of the year to meet the requirements for certification. , Zibo built pottery industry, or will lead to a new round of environmental governance actions.

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