Taiwan Nano developed plastic solar photovoltaic stent new materials

In the cost structure of the solar power system, the solar photovoltaic rack accounts for about 10% of the total system cost. Currently used materials are mostly heavy metals, and commonly used materials are hot dip galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy brackets.

Generally, solar cell modules are installed outdoors, so the stent will have problems such as sun and rain, corrosion and rust, and salt damage. In addition, currently, the weight of a solar cell module is about 16 to 30 kg, and the components are in multiple groups. After assembly, the load is considerable. Therefore, durability and light weight of the stent are the future trend.

Europe and the United States have developed solar stents made of plastic materials, and they have gradually replaced some of the metal stents and actually installed and used them. Taiwan's Nano Carbon Tube Corporation, located at Zhunan Base of the Hsinchu Science Park, has also mastered this technology. Its Composites Division uses carbon nanotubes to add plastic materials to enhance the strength and corrosion resistance of plastics, and to develop plastic solar brackets with resist and high strength.

According to the director of the Composite Materials Division Lin, the plastic solar stent developed by the company is comparable in strength to aluminum alloy and weighs 1/3 less than aluminum, and has high weather resistance and high corrosion resistance without the need for additional corrosion protection. The cost of processing, due to its light weight and high plasticity, can be combined with the overall appearance of the building to reduce the floor load.

Taiwan's carbon nanotube company Cai Qunxian executive said that at present, this plastic solar stent has been adopted by the world's solar giants, will have 10 billion Taiwan dollars in sales within two years, is expected to reach 100 billion in the market within five years.

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