Cable tray selection and variety introduction

Cable tray selection and variety introduction - Shenyang Cable Bridge Factory, Shenyang Cable Bridge, Shenyang Bridge Cable Bridge in life is mainly used for power systems to ensure daily power use, first understand the variety of cable trays!

1. When it is required to shield the cable network of electrical interference or the external protection (such as: corrosive liquid, flammable dust, etc.), the composite type groove type composite anti-corrosion shielded cable bridge (with cover) should be used.
2, strong corrosive environment should be based on composite epoxy resin anti-corrosion flame retardant cable tray. The same material should be used for the support arm and bracket to improve the service life of the bridge and accessories, and the cable tray. Covers should be added in environments where it is easy to accumulate and other areas that need to be covered or outdoors.
3. In addition to the above, the tray type, trough type, step type, glass anti-corrosion flame retardant cable tray or steel ordinary type bridge can be selected according to the site environment and technical requirements. Covers should be added in environments where it is easy to accumulate and other areas that need to be covered or outdoors.
4. In the public passage or outdoor cross-road section, the bottom of the lower step should be padded or used in this section. When the large span spans the public passage, the load capacity of the bridge can be increased or the rack can be selected according to the requirements of the user.
5, large span (> 3m) should use composite bridge.
6, cable tray, Kabofi bridge, love sail bridge can replace the mutual use!
7, the outdoor should use the composite epoxy tree finger bridge.

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