What is a flange connection?

That is, the two pipes, fittings, or fixtures are first fixed on a single flange. Between the two flanges, flanges are added and bolted together to complete the connection. Some fittings and fixtures have their own flanges and are also flanged.
This connection is mainly used for the connection of cast iron pipes, lining hoses, non-ferrous metal pipes and flange valves, and the connection of process equipment and flanges is also flanged.
The main features of the flange connection are easy disassembly, high strength and good sealing performance. When installing the flange, it is required that the two flanges be kept parallel and that the sealing surface of the flange cannot be bumped and should be cleaned. The gasket used for the flange should be selected according to the design regulations.
Flange connection is an important connection method for pipeline construction.
Flange sub-threaded (wired) flanges and welded flanges. Low-pressure and small-diameter wire-reinforced flanges, high-pressure and low-pressure large-diameter welding flanges are used, and the flanges of different pressures have different thicknesses and diameters and numbers of connecting bolts.
According to the different levels of pressure, flange pads also have different materials, from low-pressure asbestos pads, high-pressure asbestos pads and PTFE pads to metal pads.
The flange connection is easy to use and can withstand greater pressure.
In industrial pipelines, flange connections are used extensively. In the home, the diameter of the pipe is small and it is low pressure and the flange connection is invisible. If in a boiler room or production site, there are flanged pipes and equipment everywhere.
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