In 2013 or will blow the overall home wind

In 2013 or will blow the overall home wind Recently, a well-known website has carried out a survey on the decoration willingness of 10 community owners in Nanjing. The questionnaire analyzes information on the choice of decoration companies and purchase channels of furniture and building materials by consumers. The results show that nearly 90% of consumers will invite home decoration companies with construction qualifications to carry out renovations. 40% of them purchase furniture and building materials will be sent to the entire decoration company for purchase or all-inclusive. 80% of consumers are most worried about construction quality. turn off. According to the person in the home improvement industry, nearly 40% of consumers have expressed their overall home improvement spending intentions, and in 2013, they will continue to spur overall home furnishing.

Middle-end and high-end enterprises provide finished products. Traditional decoration companies often have weak overall strength, high prices, low quality, simple service content, or lack of design planning, and often cannot complete the entire process of home improvement. Because the renovation and furniture configuration out of touch, after the design is completed, the owner to buy home building materials or accept the home improvement company recommended purchasing materials, they also need to carry out the second configuration design, this step-by-step home improvement model is difficult to reflect the decoration and household products The perfect combination. Consumers in the decoration experience put forward a higher level of requirements - the overall home improvement.

In 2013, the person in charge of the Nanjing Home Decoration Industry Association will be responsible for the overall home furnishing. The overall decoration is based on the material, color, and style. It runs through the home improvement design and product design (kitchen, bathroom, interior door, and floor main material). All design links, such as furniture design, can be achieved from the design and development to the product to the construction, from the architectural, decoration to the product's systematic personalized customization of the overall home solution. “At present, the positioning of mid-to-low-end decoration companies in Nanjing is only to provide basic services for overall renovation; in addition to basic decoration, mid-to-high-end decoration companies can also provide finished decorative materials as part of their services. Furniture, accessories and electrical parts , it is occupied by some professional design companies."

Because furniture and accessories occupy a large proportion of the overall renovation, while the basic part only accounts for a small part of the overall investment, about 20%, the traditional decoration methods are gradually being eliminated under the gradually improved decoration market.

The quality of the project became a key focus of the competition. The industry believes that this year is the shuffle year for the building materials and home improvement markets. This year's market competition came early, and Jin Sanyin IV may become a major node in the first half of consumer trends. From early March, brand building materials will be very intensive. Some people expect that with the new stores entering the competition in the second half of the year and the rapid rise of chain supermarkets, the transformation, integration and integration of building materials retail formats will gradually affect the Nanjing home improvement market. Channel strategies, marketing strategies, service strategies, and even higher-level brand strategies.

How to allow more consumers to enjoy the lowest prices and first-class services of branded home improvement, in addition to spell design and service, each home improvement company will compete in the quality of the project and use various methods to improve quality. The reporter found that some companies had sent people to study construction experience and advanced methods in the past year. Some companies promised to carry out 5-10 years of tracking and maintenance of the construction sites that have been completed.... The quality of the project is good enough to win the word of mouth and the company can gain a firm foothold.

"In the fierce market competition, the home improvement company should do a good job in the quality of the core project of renovation. Only in this way can we better develop the market." The company's general manager, Dian Liming, has similar views. “The construction of six major projects, including water, electricity, carpentry, paint, ash, and cement, will be executed in strict accordance with the standards set by the company.”

Custom furniture is becoming more and more popular With the public's increasing pursuit of quality of life, the overall home improvement is becoming increasingly popular, and furniture tailored for consumers is becoming more and more popular.

“In the traditional marketing model, furniture companies tend to follow the current trend of home improvement in furniture research and development according to simple market research. But the furniture produced by this model is not the size does not meet the requirements, or the style can not meet personal preferences. And custom marketing will The market is subdivided into individuals and specific requirements can be put forward based on personal preferences, such as color matching, personalized specifications, etc.” Xu Changning, secretary general of the Nanjing Furniture Industry Association, stated that consumers should become one of the designers of furniture.

Other people in the industry also stated that everything from analysis of consumer needs to order placement, organization of production, distribution, on-site installation, and services must be closely linked, and the number of plate components and hardware involved in product customization is extremely high. There is a slight deviation. This requires that the management system of furniture enterprises must be rigorous, and the designers of home improvement companies should also strengthen the planning and cooperation in the early stage, which is also a test of the home business management processes and employees comprehensive service.

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