Caladium, perennial herb. Tuber, plant height 15-40 cm, tuber, oblate, membranous scales. Leaves basal, leafy in shape, arrow-shaped ovate, ovate-triangular to ovate. Not only the leaves are large, but also the leaves are bright and the ornamental value is high. It is a newly popular indoor foliage plant.

Flower growth habits:

It is necessary to have a high temperature, a wet and a semi-yin environment, and it is not resistant to cold. The growth period is from 6 to 10 months, and the suitable temperature is 21 to 27 °C; from October to June, the tuber is dormant, and the temperature is 18 to 24 °C. When the growth period is lower than 18 °C, the leaf growth is not straight and the new leaves are more difficult to germinate. When the temperature is higher than 30 °C, the new leaves sprout faster, the leaves are softer, and the leaf viewing period is shortened. When the tuber is in a dormant period, if the room temperature is lower than 15 °C, the tuber is extremely perishable. The soil requires fertile, loose and well-drained humus or peat soil. Soil over-wet or drought is unfavorable for the growth of the leaves of the leaves, and the humidity of the tubers is too high and it is easy to rot.

The mosaic leaves are not too strong, and the sun-burning leaves are prone to burns, the leaves are blurred, the veins are dim, and the ornamental is poor. If the light is insufficient, the leaf color spots become darker, and the leaves are long and weak. If the shading time is too long, the leaves are soft, the petiole is elongated, the leaf color is not fresh, and the petiole is easily broken.

Huaye Shuguang: Hi sunshine, should not be too strong. If the light is insufficient, the leaf color spots become darker, and the leaves are long and weak.

Water: Hi water is wet. A large amount of water is needed in spring and summer.

Temperature: Not cold-resistant, the growth temperature is 25-30 °C, the minimum temperature is not lower than 15 °C, the temperature is 22 °C, the tuber sprouts long leaves, and when it drops to 12 °C, the leaves are yellow.

Cultivated cultivar:

1, white leaf 芋: leaf white, leaf veins green.

2, bright white leafhopper: leaf white is translucent, semi-bright.

3. East light: the middle of the blade is crimson and the edge is green.

4, seagull: leaves dark green, with prominent white wide veins, two-color.

5, red clouds: leaves with erythema.

6. Edith Mead: The leaves are almost white, the edges are green, and the main vein is red.

7, Attala: leaves dark green, with erythema.

8, Mad Altred Rubra: leaves large and round, dark green, irregular white spots on the surface, the main veins are red.

9. John Pecd: The veins are thick and the leaves are all red.

Fertilizer: fertilize once a week in the growing season, with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium applied together, mainly nitrogen fertilizer.

Soil: The soil is required to be loose, fertile and well drained.

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