Steyr's transformation of several structural equilibrium shafts and rear bolt-driven facilities

The reason for the difficulty in removing the riding bolts afterwards is that the light holes of the riding shaft bolts placed on the balance shaft shell are too long (180 mm), and in the driving, mud falls into the gap between the riding bolts and the optical holes, and the time is long, and the dry soil and the back are dry. The riding bolts and the balance shaft shell are tightly packed together, which is difficult to remove.

One of the factors that is difficult to remove the riding bolts is that the light holes of the riding bolts are too long after the balance shaft housing is placed, and the rear riding bolts can be easily removed by appropriately reducing the length of the light holes. To reduce the length of the aperture, a reasonable structure is to remove the optical aperture in the middle. For the original structure, for the improved structure. The balanced axle housing structure is improved and the rear riding bolts can be easily removed during maintenance. This reduces maintenance costs, reduces labor intensity, and improves maintenance efficiency. In view of the difficulty in removing the rear riding bolts, we designed a set of rear riding bolt removal devices. It is the working principle diagram of the take-out device. The following is a brief description of the operation steps in conjunction with the schematic.

a. Support the frame with a jack and then remove the nut of the rear riding bolt. b. Hang the take-up device 3 on the inside or the outside of the balance shaft housing, and place the jack 4 and the jack 5 in the indicated positions. c. After the jack 4 is pressed, the bolts are riding, and from time to time, the upper part of the riding bolt is struck by a hammer. This will remove the rear riding bolts.

Before repairing the leaf spring, it is best to first pour some water along the rear riding bolt to wet the soil in the gap between the rear riding bolt and the balance shaft hole, so that the riding bolt will be easier to remove. Steyr double rear axle balance shaft shell improvement and rear spring riding bolt removal device t text / Sun Shibing reasons: a cylinder injector damage, needle valve stuck, crack, fuel injection head burning, etc., diesel into the cylinder Columnar, can not be atomized, flow into the oil sump, so that the oil level rises. This phenomenon is often accompanied by an increase in engine vibration, a decrease in power, and a large amount of black smoke in the exhaust pipe. The cylinder stop method can be used to determine which injector nozzle has failed. After finding out, replace the injector or injector assembly.

The hydraulic oil is mixed into the oil: the steering hydraulic system has no external leakage hydraulic oil, and the hydraulic steering oil in the hydraulic oil tank is often reduced and needs to be added. Cause: The oil seal on the hydraulic steering oil pump shaft is damaged, and the hydraulic oil leaks into the gear chamber and enters the oil pan to raise the oil level. Solution: Replace the hydraulic steering pump oil seal or assembly. The probability of occurrence of water, diesel, and hydraulic oil in the oil is small, and can be eliminated one by one according to the above methods.

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