The core problem of Henan Bochuang crushing equipment selection



   When broken equipment selection must be aware of such a device is used to receiving what tasks, broken equipment selected core issue is to consider what it is to deal with the material? How much material size? Handling capacity and will produce what kind of products? Need to be addressed The materials are varied. Each material has different characteristics. Some materials are more likely to be broken , while others require more crushing energy ; some materials are broken into blocks , while others are broken into powder ; some materials are highly abrasive , Other materials cause little wear.

In order to select a crusher suitable for a particular application , it is important to know what material is to be broken. For example , it is helpful to know whether the material to be crushed is basalt or quartzite or other rocks , but the difference between these materials is very large. Laboratory testing of materials can yield a wealth of information that avoids unnecessary costs. For example, as materials like quartzite with a high abrasion index should not give into the impact crusher, because of the high cost of maintenance of equipment dealing with such materials, but also to spend a lot of time. Materials such as dolomite with a low work index do not require an ultra-heavy crusher.

Properly installing the equipment according to the changed conditions and arranging the maintenance of the equipment reasonably will make the crushing workshop more cost effective. Henan Bochuang Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production and sales of heavy machinery products such as crushing, milling ( chemical milling, calcining and milling, air milling, etc. ) , sand making, building materials, mineral processing and tailings processing. An integrated joint-stock enterprise. The professional production of mining equipment includes sandstone production line equipment, crushed stone production line equipment, mineral processing equipment , cement production line equipment, ball mill, dryer, etc. Welcome to consult !

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