How to choose the sofa carpet size living room sofa carpet prices and pictures

Speaking of sofa rugs, I believe we will not be touched by strangers. The reasonable combination of sofa rugs can bring more colors to everyone's life and make them win everyone's favorite. For the sofa carpet color how to match everyone has their own different views, want to use their own unique design, so that their own home blooming different charm. See other people's sofas are beautiful rug great sense of art, with their own home becomes very ugly, it is because your aesthetic vision problems, here I come to tell you how to clean carpet and sofa relevant sofa carpet colors know how.

Sofa rug size

Common carpet specifications in life are: 1.7*2.4m, 2.5*2.5m, 2.5*3.5m and so on. The sofa uses a 1.5*2.4m rug. Below 2.7m sofa, usually choose 1.7*2.4m, slightly bigger choice 2*3m is enough. Need to lay a large area, choose 5 * 5m square carpet. Large area type, indoor optional 2.7 * 3.6m, if the use of a wider range, optional 2.4 * 3m.

Sofa carpet material

According to the material points: pure wool carpet, blended carpet, sisal carpet and so on.

The dark carpet is good and dirty. There are generally long blankets and handmade blankets, and hand-carpets are easy to care for. It is recommended not to use wool, and short fibers as raw materials will evaporate into the air.

Acrylic handmade blankets: inexpensive, more affordable than wool. If it is summer, it is suitable to use a linen carpet to bring a cool summer. There are many people in the family, suitable for blending and linen carpets and wear-resistant.

Carpet patterns are ever-changing. Common patterns include animals, people, landscapes, etc., which are purely patterned. The colorful carpet is pleasing, it is the best choice.

Sofa rug price

Due to the different brands, sizes, materials, and manufacturers of sofa rugs, sofa carpet prices will vary. Sofa rug prices generally range from a dozen to a hundred dollars.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

How to clean sofa rugs

Rugs of different materials have different cleaning methods, depending on the material and the degree of contamination. For example: chemical fiber carpet, washed with water. Wool carpet, dry foam cleaning. Note that after the carpet has been cleaned, it is necessary to air dry or blot dry.

1, partial cleaning

Due to the high probability of stains on the carpet, once it has been stained, it should be cleaned immediately. If it is difficult to clean, add detergent, soak for 5-15 minutes, then rinse with water.

2, dry naturally

For imitation silk carpets, machine wash can be used. It is best to dry in a well-ventilated area to avoid wrinkling. For large-size carpets, high-pressure faucets are recommended for cleaning, saving time and effort.

How to match sofa rug colors

1, brown

Interchanging the bed with the sofa can save a lot of space and highlight saturation. In the selection of the carpet, it is best to choose a furry carpet with a solid color, such as: brown.

2, gray

Perfect combination of sofa rug + high-grade glass coffee table, beautiful and practical, with unique stripes as the embellishment, the main floor is simple, such as: gray.

3, green

In order to achieve a balanced effect, a green carpet can be selected, or the same color as the cushion, so that the first echoes the effect.

The choice of sofa carpet taboo

1. Carpet color is colorful and colorful

Due to different aesthetics, there are colorful carpets, and some people like elegant carpets. From the perspective of feng shui, it is appropriate to use colorful carpets. Due to the monotonous carpet, the living room is overshadowed, and it is difficult to exert the effect of prosperity. For example: red, golden yellow master.

2. Rug pattern meaning Yixiang

Carpet patterns are ever-changing. Common patterns include animals, people, landscapes, etc., which are purely patterned. The colorful carpet is pleasing, it is the best choice.

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Sofa carpet

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