Fire safety: Guangxi comprehensively promotes fire safety work

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“Reducing fires and preventing accidents .” In 2016 , Guangxi included the work of firefighting as an important agenda for party committees, governments, and departments at all levels. Many departments worked together to conduct in-depth firefighting work, rectify fires, and improve fire prevention and control capabilities. May 16, the South China Morning Post reporter through the Guangxi Public Security Fire Department in 2016 to learn more about the region's fire safety work

1 , linkage fire protection:

Fire safety misconduct included in credit system

In 2016 , Guangxi fully implemented the “Provisional Regulations on Party Safety and Responsibility of the Party and the Government and the Duty of One Post” of Guangxi Safe Production, and included the firefighting work on the agenda of party committees, governments, and departments at all levels. The government of the autonomous region has signed firefighting responsibility responsibilities with the district departments and municipal governments, and completed the annual assessment of the fire safety of municipal governments.

During the year, Peng Qinghua, secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, listened to the “Fire Law” law enforcement inspection report and made an important speech. Autonomous region chairman Chen Wu organized a meeting on safety production four times to study and solve major issues such as fire protection infrastructure construction. More than 660 party and government leaders from all districts and cities in the region have led teams to carry out fire inspections, organized 355 firefighting work conferences, and coordinated over 380 major firefighting problems .

Fires of dead persons that met the standards for fire crimes and fire safety accidents were handed over to public security agencies for handling.

Guangxi also played the role of the fire safety committee's deliberative platform and promoted the relevant industry departments to strictly implement the fire control responsibilities. For instance, the Cultural Affairs Department of the autonomous region held a meeting on fire safety standardization management of cultural relics units in Liuzhou. The Ministry of Civil Affairs of the Autonomous Region raised 30 million yuan to repair and reform the fire protection facilities of the welfare institutions, and held a promotion meeting for the standardization of fire safety management in social welfare institutions in Ruzhou; 386 hospitals above the “Three-Acee” and other medical and health institutions completed fire safety management Standardized construction accounts for more than 90% of the total. The Security Office of the autonomous region has deployed and carried out large-scale inspections and rectification campaigns for hidden safety hazards in 14 key industries.

With the promotion of the National Development and Reform Commission and the People's Bank of China, fire safety misconduct has been incorporated into the Guangxi Social Credit System Construction and Credit Information Disclosure Catalogue.

2. Full management coverage:

Fire safety key unit "household registration" management

In response to the gap between local firefighting fund support capabilities and firefighting work requirements, the autonomous region’s government has set up two working groups to supervise the protection of firefighting funds in 7 cities. In 2016 , the total amount of local firefighting funds in place reached 1.767 billion yuan, and the basic firefighting expenditure standards of 14 cities and 110 counties (districts) and the protection of government full-time team personnel funds all reached the standard. The autonomous region also implemented a 300 million yuan subsidy for the construction of the Beibu Gulf fire fighting and rescue capability .

By 2016, the region has invested 550 million yuan to buy a new personal protective equipment 38 200 (sets), fire-fighting and rescue equipment 63100 (sets), 217 fire engines, 169 fire-fighting duty squadron completed "four" fire Rescue basic combat units were equipped with a total of 801 million yuan in funds to build fire stations. At present, 11 fire stations have been completed and 52 fire stations have been under construction, preparation, and upgrade . Water rescue training facilities, fire-fighting and rescue material reserves and equipment maintenance centers and other projects are progressing in an orderly manner; the first phase of the training base in Nanning was completed and put into use.

At the same time, Guangxi promulgated and implemented the "13th Five-Year Plan" for the development of fire protection in Guangxi, and initiated the preparation of the "Pearl River - Xijiang Economic Belt Fire Development Plan."

There were 23,000 simple sprinkler systems, independent smoke detectors and alarm devices installed at senior citizens, children and youths, disabled persons, and “three in ones” locations, and 683 regional facilities installed simple shower facilities. At present, the full coverage of the “household registration” management of key fire safety units has been achieved.

Last year, the regional focus of the town built a full-time fire brigade 116, other towns built in 116, the region's rural volunteer fire department completed 402 administrative villages (villages) built in 5436, all exceeding the annual task.

The construction of the micro-fire station was included as an important part of the “Measures for the Management of the Guangxi Full-time Fire Brigade.” The key fire safety units of various types have built 6,322 micro-fire stations , and the community has built 1,025 micro-fire stations .

3 , in addition to hidden dangers in advance:

Grasping prevention, promoting rectification, and improving fire prevention and control capabilities

“Reducing fire and preventing the first step.” According to the person in charge of the Guangxi Public Security Fire Fighting Team, in the past year, various departments in Guangxi have conducted thorough investigation and rectification of fire hazards and timely handled all types of fire accidents.

First, the departments of public security, education, civil affairs, housing construction, culture, health, industry and commerce, quality supervision, safety supervision, etc. of the autonomous region implement the fire safety supervision responsibility, examine and approve engineering issues involving fire safety in accordance with the law, and carry out firefighting design and construction quality of construction projects. Firefighting examination and acceptance of the lifelong responsibility system, the establishment of 5541 fire administrative approval files . The autonomous region's security committee issued and issued guidance on preventing major accidents, and improved the guidelines for the control of production sources and guidance for safe access. The Public Security Department, the Trade and Industry Bureau, and the Bureau of Quality Supervision jointly launched a three- year special campaign to rectify fire product quality, centrally destroyed a number of fake and inferior fire-fighting products, handled a total of 234 fire-fighting product administrative penalties , and imposed a fine of 1.305 million yuan. There are 1048 hidden dangers in firefighting products .

Secondly, the autonomous regional government, the Consumer Affairs Commission, and the Public Security Department deployed 11 special operations such as the summer fire inspection, the prevention and control of fires in minority villages, and the creation of fire control rooms .

In view of the frequent occurrence of fires on electric bicycles, the autonomous regional party committee organized and conducted special investigations. The Autonomous Region Government issued the "Circular on Strengthening the Fire Safety Management of Electric Bicycles." In Nanning, a special meeting on the prevention and control of electric vehicle fire prevention and control was held to physically separate the parking spots of electric vehicles in 1555 buildings.

Last year, the region check unit 255 900, to urge the rectification of fire hazards at 310,300, ordered to correct the notice issued 162,700 copies, handling administrative penalty cases from the 7986 fire, the temporary seizure of the unit 3214, and ordered "three stops" unit 2174 At home, there was no case of administrative litigation and state compensation. Guangxi also conducted a permutation of 1,264 high-risk units for fires, and carried out an analysis and assessment of each of the eleven major items of the evaluation criteria . In the four regional fire hazards that were reported by the Central Comprehensive Management Office and the Ministry of Public Security in writing , three expired sales have been rectified and sold. The unarrived Lanzhou Arcade City is being rectified in accordance with the schedule. State Security Committee supervise the handling of two, four MPS concentrated exposure, the regional government supervise the handling of the 18 major fire hazards have been rectification to close the case.

In 2016 , a total of 80 million yuan was invested in the region , 93 fire science popular education halls were built, 102 firefighting propaganda vehicles were equipped , and the coverage rate of fixed and mobile propaganda positions was over 60% ; 47 firefighting special columns were opened , and CCTV anchor Ouyang was invited. Xia Dan served as Guangxi fire ambassador ambassador, recording a series of firefighting videos such as "Ouyang Xia Dan talks about fire safety". At the same time, it strengthened the civil defense technical protection work, organized 7232 people to participate in the National Fire Protection Professional Skills Appraisal Theory Unified Examination, trained 3262 operators in the fire control room , and the on-duty operator had a certificate rate of 94.29% .

4 , Actual heroes:

Strong fire prevention and rescue, steady fire situation

Last year, the autonomous region incorporated firefighting and rescue into the comprehensive emergency rescue command system, and strengthened joint-service linkages of emergency, safety, public security, medical, water supply, power supply, and gas supply departments at all levels.

The Comprehensive Management Office of the autonomous region and the fire protection department continued to promote the management of fire safety grids in the streets of townships and villages, and completed the training of 16 city-level firefighting grids. 990 townships and streets in the region have integrated firefighting grid management into the social comprehensive management platform, 815 township grids have achieved standardized management, 446 commercial zones, tourist zones and development zones have participated in and built regional joint defense coordination organizations. The Public Security Department of the autonomous region promoted the "one village and one police assistant" in rural areas and the "three-four-bundle" fire policing mechanism in the urban police station, initiated the revision of the "Fire Supervision and Inspection Regulations of the Guangxi Public Security Substation", and supervised the law enforcement work of the police station. Incorporate the important content of public security performance management and smooth the “last mile” of serving the people.

At the same time, as the main force of firefighting and rescue, the district's public security firefighting force has launched a combat training campaign for the reorganization squadron. It has successively carried out six training sessions on watershed rescue technology, hazardous chemicals accident disposal techniques, and vehicle accident rescue techniques . Explore and organize the formation of 163 vehicle accident rescue technology “ six rescue teams”, 33 high-rise buildings, underground buildings, urban complexes, and petrochemicals, etc. 8 major types of fire fighting and rescue professional teams, and launched cross-regional firefighting and rescue drills 5 times.

In 2016 , the district’s fire protection system received a total of 15,000 police dispatches , rescued 19,800 evacuees , rescued property valued at 1.288 billion yuan, and successfully disposed of “ 4 · 16 ” Licheng City Chemical Company's leak of liquefied petroleum gas in Fangchenggang City. fire, June 4 Nanning BAIHUALING subway waterlogging difficult and perilous task, the emergence of a "southern Iron Edmonton squadron" Chongzuo Longzhou County fire squadron, Guangxi second session of the "most beautiful police" Liu Chong and other advanced models , praised by the masses.

In addition, the rural fire situation in the region continued to be steady and the number of fires dropped by 33.3% year-on-year .

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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