Analysis of the development trend of the individual innovation demand in the lock industry

At present, the market competition in the lock industry has shifted from simple price competition to product quality competition. Most enterprises truly recognize the importance of product quality, thus strengthening the ability of enterprises to implement standards and the ability to detect product quality. The laboratory and product testing center have been established one after another, laying a solid foundation for improving the quality of Chinese lock products.

The first trend:

Incorporate the attention of culture and personality in the design of locks. The hardware of the locks on the market is varied and varied. However, it is rare to bring various cultural connotations into the design concept from the beginning of a design. The Probak R&D team has been committed to this aspect of exploration and experiment since its inception.

The second trend:

Focus on user experience and product humanity. From the application of the product, user needs, consumer habits, the developer conducts extensive and in-depth research on the indoor locks in the existing market, and combines the feedback from senior industrial customers such as the door factory to carry out a new design on the lock body function. To meet the needs of the family.

The third trend:

The rise of biometrics applications has taken lock applications to a whole new level, and home intelligence will likely enter the homes of ordinary people in the near future. At present, the Probak Biometric Lock with high technology and high technology content has gradually won the recognition of middle and high-end consumers in the market application due to its unique convenience and mature technology, and has achieved a place. The uniqueness, non-replicability, easy to carry, unforgettable, and non-lost characteristics of biometrics determine that biometric locks have a broader market prospect.

Fourth trend:

Focus on product innovation and patent applications, enhance core competitiveness, and increasingly regulate intellectual property rights. Probak has more than 100 patents, and the R&D team has continuously won various related invention patents under the leadership of Dr. Zhang Tanghui.

The fifth major trend:

Emphasis on the attention to product details, excellence in product quality, reflect consumer tastes from the details, and reflect the understanding of product content.

The sixth major trend:

Enterprises pay more attention to quality and brand. The essence of a really good brand is the crystallization of quality, durability and sustainable development; quality is the foundation of Probak's establishment.

Seventh trend:

Environmental protection, energy conservation and safety. The harsh form of environmental issues calls for more action from responsible companies. Whether the products have passed the certification of the environmental system and the occupational health and safety system, whether the environmentally friendly electroplating process is gradually adopted, whether the electroplating wastewater treatment and electroplating industry pollutant discharge standards are met, are all issues that enterprises attach great importance to.

Editor in charge: Xu Yuehua

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