U.S. Coal Industry Opposes White House Appointment of Energy Responsibilities

U.S. Coal Industry Opposes White House Appointment of Energy Responsibilities The US coal industry is doing its best to stop the White House from appointing Ron Binz as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The oil and gas stakeholders and the environmentalists form a strong support for the White House’s appointment.

Therefore, the coal industry and the oil and gas industry are divided on this issue.

Although Ron Binz has the support of oil, gas and green environmentalists, this is not enough to make him a federal energy management committee. Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) warns the White House that Ron Binz wants to take office and that he will face very great difficulties and is a very big test for his ability.

The party (the current ruling party) originally agreed to the appointment with a 12 to 10 ratio in the parliament. However, there is news that Sen, a crucial party member from the state of West Virginia, which produces coal. Joe Manchin opposed the appointment, so the White House could not pass the resolution because of the same number of supporters and opponents.

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