Teach you how to do green decoration

Due to the extreme weather conditions in the summer, which are often overheated, too dry or too rainy and too humid, it is not always considered a good season for home improvement. In fact, as long as you pay attention to some important matters in summer construction, you can avoid quality problems. In this small series, I specially collected the decoration information suitable for summer construction, and hope to help you to install a satisfactory home in this summer!

How to achieve green decoration

Recently, reports of excessive air pollutants in newly renovated living rooms in the summer have been reported frequently. According to statistics, the number of children who die from respiratory infections caused by renovations in the country is as high as 2.1 million, and there are many acute poisoning incidents caused by benzene poisoning every year. Up to 400. Nowadays, “ensuring product quality and advocating green decoration” has become a common voice of consumers, and green decoration has become a topic of discussion in the industry.

How to achieve green environmental protection decoration? How to ensure the environmental safety of the living room? Consumers and businesses should start from what aspects, to prevent the damage caused by decoration pollution to the family? Let us briefly discuss this topic.

Decoration design to guard against pollution stacking

The first is environmental protection design. As we all know, even the single-item inspection of the decoration materials used in the decoration is in line with the national environmental protection standards, but it is possible to make the indoor air pollutants exceed the standard after the superposition. Therefore, we should consider the optimal use of decoration materials per unit area of ​​the house in the design, but also consider the superposition effect of formaldehyde release from furniture, flooring and other products.

Use green materials

As the basis of the decoration, the quality of the material directly affects the indoor air quality after the decoration. Therefore, it is very important to select qualified decorative materials.

When purchasing decorative materials, consumers should require sales personnel to issue product quality inspection reports with national mandatory standards. The environmental indicators to be investigated in different products are also different. For example, panel furniture focuses on formaldehyde detection reports, solid wood furniture focuses on benzene detection reports, solvent-based wood coatings and adhesives focus on benzene and VOC inspection reports.

Choose the right construction process

Finally, the correct decoration process and process should be adopted. For example, after the plate is cut, the edge sealing treatment should be carried out in time; the wood product should be completely brushed, and it is best not to leak the brush; the local decoration is timely and the pollution prevention and control are carried out in time to minimize the harmful effects. The release of gas.

In addition, the home building materials store must strictly control the product selection and purchase channels, strictly implement the national standards for hazardous materials for indoor decoration and decoration materials, and conscientiously implement the product access system to ensure that the store sales are all green standard products, will be unqualified. Products are rejected, providing consumers with a safe and secure consumer environment.  

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