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Smooth method and advantages and disadvantages of rolling bearings

Source: Bearing network time: 2013-07-13

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1. The smooth intention of the rolling bearing is to reduce the internal conflict and wear of the bearing; to avoid burning; its smoothing effect is as follows:
1) Reduction of conflict and wear Some of the ferrules, rolling bodies and cages that make up the bearing touch each other; avoid metal touch; reduce conflict and wear.
2) Extending the fatigue life of the rolling bearing of the fatigue life bearing; in the rotation; the rolling touch surface is smooth and outstanding; then extending. Conversely; the oil viscosity is low; the smooth oil film thickness is not good;
3) Eliminate conflict heat, cooling cycle oil supply method, etc. It can use oil to discharge heat generated by conflict; or heat from outside; play a role of cooling. Avoid bearing overheating; avoid aging of smooth oil itself.
4) Others also prevent foreign matter from invading the inside of the bearing; or avoid rust and corrosion.
2, smooth method and the advantages and disadvantages of the smooth method of the bearing; respectively, the grease is smooth and the oil is smooth. In order to make the bearing well functioning; first; to choose the appropriate application conditions, the application of the smooth method. If only thinking smooth; oil smooth The smoothness predominates. However, the smoothness of the grease has the expertise to simplify the layout around the bearing.

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