Bedroom lamp Feng Shui precautions

First, bedroom lighting Feng Shui selection and precautions

1, the light source color of the bedroom lamp Feng Shui: white is better

The color of the light source in the feng shui of the bedroom is generally white, the yellow light source is lucky, and the red light source is avoided. The white light source is suitable for people's living habits, and the yellow light source is good fortune. Because the yellow is the soil in the five elements, the earth is gold, so there is the meaning of lucky. The red light source is hanged, which makes people feel anxious. If it is placed on the bed, it is easy for the husband and wife to derail.

2, the location of the bedroom lighting Feng Shui lamps installed

The installation position of the lamps in the bedroom feng shui should not be installed on the bed and above the bed, which brings inconvenience to sleep, and there is a light press on the top, which gives people mental stress.

3, the choice of bedroom lighting in the Feng Shui style

Bedroom lighting styles need to be considered in all aspects. In addition to conforming to the home design style, you need to consider his shape. You can't choose lamps with too many corners. Good lamps can bring good luck to the cause.

4, the number of bedroom lighting Feng Shui lamps

Bedroom lamps are different from living room lighting because the living room lighting is bright and more lights can be installed. Bedroom lamps avoid three lamps side by side, generally in singular.

5, bedroom lighting Feng Shui different room lighting options

The functions of the rooms in the feng shui of the bedroom are different, and the decoration of the lamps is also different. “The dark room of the bright room” indicates that the light in the living room is brighter and the light in the bedroom is slightly darker. The bedroom lighting must be soft, not too glaring to facilitate sleep.

Second, bedroom lamps Feng Shui taboo

Bedroom Feng Shui choices need to consider the color, style, quantity, etc., then what are the taboos in the bedroom feng shui?

1, the shape is weird, the shape is harmful

The shape of the lighting is suitable for round and square shapes, and the strangely shaped lighting will have a bad meaning on the wind and water, and will have adverse movie stars for the owner.

2, lying in the bed, the chandelier directly above the sofa is easy to form a light

The chandelier is installed on the bed and above the sofa. It takes a long time to cause symptoms such as cerebral neurasthenia, and it is easy to cause diseases in women's gynecology.

3, dark room Ming room, inside and outside upside down

The living room should be bright and the bedroom should be slightly darker. This is what we all know; but some people ignore this when designing. Leading to the situation of "the dark room is bright, the inside and the outside is reversed". The dimly lit living room lighting will affect the owner's career development; the bright bedroom lighting will make people feel glaring, which is not conducive to family rest and relaxation.

In fact, there are still many factors. In fact, Feng Shui is now based on the scientific basis. As long as you arrange the scientific considerations, you will not commit feng shui taboos.

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