Aluminum extrusion press introduction and use

【China Aluminum Network】 aluminum extrusion press is divided into two kinds of forward extrusion and reverse extrusion, the majority of the current use is the positive extrusion machine, the scientific principle is the principle of hydraulic press, from the structure of the extruder To analyze. We usually divide the extruder into three parts: master cylinder, midplate (extruding barrel), and extrusion rod.

The master cylinder is a hydraulic device. The hydraulic oil is transmitted to the small piston through a large piston, advancing the extrusion rod, advancing the heated aluminum rod into the extrusion barrel, reaching the exhaust pressure, squeezing the barrel backwards, and then proceeding with the die. After the cavity is joined and the material pressure is reached, the extrusion rod advances at the same time and the aluminum in the extrusion barrel is sent into the mold diversion hole, and the aluminum alloy slowly flows out of the mold through the mold.

The longitudinal and horizontal levels of the frame rail should not exceed 0.05/1000; after the aluminum profile extrusion machine is installed or after large or medium repair, attention must be paid to the parallelism of the two guide rails: the installation accuracy test and adjustment should not be performed over the entire length of the guide rail. , To achieve the relative accuracy of more than 0.lmm degree standards or design requirements, thereby improving the accuracy of aluminum extrusion press.

When there is accuracy, how to improve the speed of aluminum extrusion press? According to the tonnage of the extruder, the complexity of the shape of the mold section, aluminum rod heating temperature and other factors for appropriate adjustments, so that the speed can be a certain increase.

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