Air Bubble Gun Operation Procedure

The air foam gun is mainly composed of a nozzle, a gun barrel, a hand wheel, a gun body, an opening and closing handle, a sealing ring control switch, a pipette and a KY65 tooth interface or a Nakajima joint. Can produce and spray air bubbles, used to save A, B, C liquid fire or spray water used to fight a general solid fire. (The nozzle is used to control the flow and generate negative pressure. The opening and closing handle is the direction of the air foam gun. The gun barrel is used to adjust the dynamic balance of the expansion of the air foam. The suction tube is used to suck the foam liquid, and the sealing ring can make the vacuum sealed. The connector is used to connect with the pipette. The gun body is the seat of the air foam gun, and the pipe connector is used for the connection of other interfaces.)
working principle
The foam gun is a portable fire fighting equipment for firefighters. It can be connected to the fire hose interface through a tube interface. The pressure of fire is mixed with the foam fluid and the air is sucked in to produce air bubbles. The air bubble gun is mainly composed of a barrel, a hand wheel, a gun body, a ball valve, a pipette, and a KY65 mouthpiece interface. It is used to extinguish liquid fires of Class A, B, and C, or to spray water for fighting a general solid fire.
The portable air bubble gun device is designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the IMO "International Fire Safety System Rules". It uses air, water, and foam liquids to produce a rich foam by injection and mixing. It has a special effect on extinguishing oil fires and general solid fires.
1) The foam gun can be used when the fire protection system supplies 3% or 6% of various types of foam mixture; the ball valve should be closed at this time.
2) Foam guns can also be used when the fire protection system supplies pressurized water; the ball valve should be fully open at this time.
3) The foam gun is equipped with a round handwheel which is easy to operate and protects the gun. When using the operator, the operator should grasp the hand wheel of the gun. At the same time, it should pay attention to the pressure of the water or mixture of the supply gun should be gradually increased, but can not exceed the use of Pressure range; to avoid sudden shock or high pressure on the operator to cause injury.
4) Spray as far as possible along the wind direction.
The orifice plate is used to draw the vacuum pressure difference generated by the water flow rate into the foam liquid and mix it with the air before spraying. (When the water pipe enters the gun body through the tube mouth interface, the space formed between the gun body and the nozzle is under negative pressure. This space suction pipe connector is connected with the suction pipe, and the other end of the suction pipe is inserted into the foam liquid to absorb the foam liquid, so that the foam liquid and water are pressed as 6 : 94 ratio mixing: When the mixture passes through the nozzle, it immediately diffuses, forming a negative pressure again and sucking in a large amount of air to mix with the mixture to produce an air bubble, and a good bubble solution is ejected through the dynamic balance in the barrel. )

Fiberglass Mesh 

Fiberglass mesh is made by soaking and coating with macromolecular alkali-resistant latex on the basis of C-fiberglass and E-fiberglass. The color of fiberglass mesh is white, black, organge, blue, yellow or as per customer's needs. And the fiberglass mesh's package can also as per customer's requirement to finish. The fiberglass mesh be widely used on : wall reinforcement, reinforced cement products, waterproofing favrics, the roof waterproof, enhance the skeleton of plastic and rubber, fire prevention board, highway parements, joint tapes of buildings.

The advantages of fiberglass mesh:

high strongth

good alkali resistance

prevent cracks and deformations

easy to be constructed

more durable

fiberglass meshfiberglass meshs

Fiberglass Mesh

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