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The beauty of the travertine stone lies in nature, simplicity, and elegance, and is therefore highly favored by designers. It has been used in large numbers, with multiple pavings applied to interior and exterior walls, and interior floors. Let's take a look at Dong Shigui, which is not expensive.

Travertine prices

1, natural marble beige stone marble stone

Compressive strength: 220 | Color: Yellow | Gloss: Chinese | Origin: Turkey | Specific Gravity: 2.7

Category: Stone Stone Marble 120.00

2. Mibaidong Shi Huangdong Shibaidong Shidong Stone Engineering Board TRAVENTINE

Specific gravity: 2.75| Compression strength: 135| Bending strength: 10| Scope of application: Interior wall, cylinder | Origin: Turkey

Category: Stone Marble Marble $283.00

3, Imported Marble ~ Beige Travertine BeigeTravertine

Specific Gravity:-|Compression Strength:-|Bending Strength:-|Origin:Turkey,Turkey|Glossiness:-

Category: Stone Marble Marble 200.00 RMB

4. Beige Travertine/Beige Travertine/J-1032

Scope: outdoor decoration, interior decoration, stone crafts | Origin: Import | Gloss: Light | Brand: Fine Art | Color: Yellow, Brown

Category: Stone Marble Marble 100.00 RMB


1, beige travertine

2, wood grain type beige stone

3, ivory white hole stone

4, red hole stone

5, black hole stone

Travertine Features

1. The travertine stone has a uniform lithology, a small texture and hardness, is very easy to be mined and processed, has a light specific gravity (density), and is easy to transport. It is a building stone with a wide range of uses.

2. Travertine has a good processing, sound insulation and heat insulation, deep processing applications, is an excellent architectural decoration materials.

3. The texture of the travertine is fine, the processing adaptability is high, the hardness is small, and it is easy to engrave. It is suitable for use as an engraving material and special-shaped material.

4. The travertine is rich in color, unique in arts and culture, and has a special hole structure. It has good decorative properties. At the same time, it is also a good material for bonsai, rockery and other stone for garden use due to its natural pores and beautiful texture. .

Summary: The above is the content of the travertine price and the characteristics of the travertine that Xiaobian introduced for everyone. I hope we can help you effectively. For more information, please follow this website.

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