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Paint is one of the main materials needed for home improvement and it plays an important role in beautifying and protecting the surface of appliances. Dabao Paint is a well-known brand. Its product performance is stable and of extraordinary quality, and it has a good reputation among users. There are some friends who may not know Dabao Paint very well. Now let's look at how Dabao Paint looks. Look at the price published by Dabao Paint's official website as a reference for purchase. Let's go with Xiao Bian.

First, Dabao paint how

1. The strength of Dabao paint

Dabao Lacquer is a product of Guangdong Dongguan Dabao Chemical Products Co., Ltd. This is a joint venture in Taiwan and Japan. It is part of the main R&D, production and marketing company of Dabao International Group and specializes in the manufacture of paints and coatings. Therefore, Dabao is in the same category as Nippon, China Resources, and Dulux from the perspective of brand and qualification. However, its sales (market share) is slightly lower than the previous brands. Dabao passed all national testing indicators and the environmental protection is reliable.

2. Dabao paint product technology

Dabao Chemical Products Co., Ltd. is a joint venture with significant influence in the coatings industry. The company inherits the profound technical connotation and pragmatic and professional product style of Taiwan Dabao coating grade Japan Dabao Chemical in its production technology and process. As a pioneer in the global furniture painting industry, the trend of painting technology and coating quality, Dabao has positioned itself as: not seeking the greatest, but seeking the best.

3. Dabao paint protection

Dabao Paint has always been pursuing the standardization and scientific operation process. In 1999, Dabao Paint passed the ISO9002 international quality certification system. In 2001, it completely changed the board and passed the ISO9001/2000 international quality certification system. Dabao always regards the environmental protection performance as a major indicator of the product and always maintains the concept of sustainable development that a modern enterprise should have. We are actively committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, users and neighbors, and have successively obtained China Type I environmental labeling and China Type III environmental labeling certification.

Second, on the Dabao paint official website price

Dabao lacquer wood paint price:

Dabao Lacquer Art PU Wood Coating CRL-6266 Official website Reference price: 330 yuan

Dabao lacquer CRL-3160 art beauty PU transparent primer official website reference price: 330 yuan

Dabao lacquer porcelain art advanced PU woodware white paint CRL-3565 official website reference price 425 yuan

Dabao lacquer floor paint price:

Dabao CRL-6190A5 diamond PU floor paint 320 yuan

Dabao lacquer diamond PU wood bright floor paint 320 yuan

Dabao lacquer diamond PU PU semi-finished floor paint 320 yuan

Dabao lacquer primer price:

Dabao paint interior wall alkali-resistant primer CWI-3510 252 yuan

Dabao lacquer art senior PU wood paint CRL-3165 primer 270 yuan

Dabao lacquer CRL-3560 white PU anti-yellowing white primer 370 yuan

Dabao paint finish price:

Dabao paint Yong Taili wall paint 318 yuan

Dabao lacquer gold seven plus a CWI-5001Z wall paint 1010 yuan

Dabao Paint Bao Taili Wall Paint CWI-5003Z 308 yuan

More Dabao paint prices please inquire Dabao paint official website, the above prices are all official website manufacturers quote online, we can refer to the discretion.

Xiao Bian concludes: How about Dabao Paint and Dabao Paint's official website price are introduced here, and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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HR STONE mainly produce three kinds of Translucent Onyx Panels:

1. Blue Sodalite

2. Tiger Eye

3. Agate


Surface finish: polished

Size : normally 240*120*2cm

thickness : 2cm (normally 0.5cm blue sodalite +1.5cm natural commercial stone or artificial  stone/glass/Acrylic);

Appliccation: as wall tiles, Translucent Stone Panels, Backlit Onyx Wall Panels, table top, countertop, arts-..

Color: natural blue, yellow, grey, colored agate

Effect: translucent or no translucent


Tiger Eye and Blue Sodalite from our mine in Africa .

HR Stone company invest blue sodalite mineral quarry in Africa, The sodalite rock in Africa that also contains abundant blue sodalite and white nepheline. Both of these minerals have a hardness of approximately 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Our quarry start to yield two kinds of Blue sodalite blocks, big size blocks, small size blocks in 2018. Max size of big block can be about 250*180cm and weight about 15-20 ton per block. Small block has two sizes: 3-10cm 10-30cm . Annual yield of blocks is about 100containers.We also have two blue sodalite color classifications, one is blue mainly, one is blue and white mixed.According to the color purity and texture, the blocks have different ranks for your reference.

We ship the blocks to China and produce them into finished products, such as translucent blue sodalite slabs, table top and arts. Whether super blue color or blue and white mixed, you can find out the right color you favor from our blue sodalite blocks and finished product.

      Tiger Eye slab  has super yellow color and commercial rank for your choice.

 Agate has natural grey and colored yellow, purple, brown, red-

Semi Precious Stone Slab

Semi Precious Stone Slab,Semi Precious Stone Table Top,Agate Table Top,Semi Precious Stone Coffee Table

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