Marble skirting height installation method introduction

The material of the baseboard is varied, and the marble baseboard is just one of them. In modern home renovations, people prefer simple and modern decoration styles. Many people chose marble baseboards for the baseboard during the decoration. Today Xiao Bian will introduce you to the marble baseboard height and installation method.
[marble baseboard is good or not]

Marble baseboard advantages:
     1, good care: marble skirting moisture, corrosion, and other effects are very strong, in the care and maintenance is very convenient.
     2, the effect is good: marble skirting decoration effect is very good to see, used in the living room is very atmospheric, concise and clear.
     3, multi-color: artificial stone process technology is progressing, so according to the different color paste and particles, marble skirting from light to dark, plain to contain the particle color can be seen in the market, a variety of colors Diverse.
Marble baseboard disadvantages:
     1, easy to fall: marble baseboard surface material, if you paste it is easy to fall.
     2, the construction of complex: marble baseboard with Other Materials of the skirting construction process to be much more complex, and the long construction period, style and more trouble.
     3, there is radiation: Stone has a certain amount of radiation, if you buy is a poor quality marble radiation will be stronger, harmful to humans.
[Height and thickness of marble baseboard]
     The height specification of the marble baseboard is generally 5-15cm, but the more commonly used marble skirting height is 10cm, and some marble skirtings with a decorative pattern will reach 15cm. The thickness of the marble baseboard is generally 8-12mm.
[Marble baseboard installation method]
     1, drilling
     Stick the small bar into the hole you just made. The nails fixing the baseboard are nailed to the wooden bar and are directly nailed to the wall. The nails are easy to loosen.
Note: Since the pipes of the hydropower project are buried on the wall, the location of the pipe is just below the switch socket. When drilling, it is a good position to avoid damage.
     2, fixed

     Before the fixed baseboard, the wall should be leveled and cleaned. Otherwise, after the skirting board is installed, it cannot completely adhere to the wall, leaving unsightly gaps. Look for the drill hole and fix the nail on the baseboard. When fixing, pay attention to whether the skirting board and the wall are in close contact, and the nail should be completely immersed in the baseboard.
Note: Whether it is polymer, MDF, wood material baseboard, have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, so the baseboard corner of the corner should also be like the floor, leaving about 1cm expansion joints.
     3, corner treatment
     At the corner, where the baseboard meets, the edge of the baseboard is cut at a 45-degree angle so that the interface will not leave unsightly traces. Fix the cut baseboard.
Note: The corner baseboard must be cut through a 45-degree angle before it can be spliced ​​and installed, otherwise it will affect the appearance.
     Xiao Bian concludes: The above is the introduction of marble baseboard height and installation methods, and I hope to be helpful to everyone, choose the right height of the baseboard, and decorate the best results. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website information platform.

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