Introduction to quartzite

The original rocks of quartzite can be: single mineral quartz sandstone, argillaceous, calcareous quartz sandstone, colloidal sedimentary siliceous rocks (including siliceous rocks with terrigenous clastic dissolved redeposition and siliceous rocks associated with volcanic jets) And deep sea radiolaria siliceous rocks and so on. Quartzite formed by different ore rocks can be distinguished according to structure, degree of crystal transformation, by-products, rock symbiosis combination and occurrence. For example, quartzite formed from single-mineral quartz sandstone has a coarse grain size and often has a typical balanced mosaic structure, containing more zircon and other secondary minerals; quartzite formed by siliceous rocks, even if subjected to high-grade metamorphism, minerals The particle size is also rarely greater than 0.2 mm and has a dentate intermetallic structure, generally free of secondary minerals.

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