Imported hose valve structure and advantages

Imported hose valve (Pinch valve), also known as pinch valve, refers to the rubber sleeve as a seal and the opening and closing pieces, driven by the hand wheel drive up and down the gate movement, thereby closing the compression sleeve and open the valve. Can be widely used in pulp, abrasive, dry temperature type dust. Imported hose valve structure: Pipe clamp valve from the upper and lower body, rubber tube, the size of the valve stem gate, upper and lower guide columns and other components. Imported hose valve advantages: 1, can be installed on the pipeline, there is no flow restrictions on the medium. 2, the use of imported high-quality rubber, wear-resistant corrosion-resistant, long service life. 3, the valve body made of aluminum and cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, long-term use; under the long-term use generally only need to replace the pipe sleeve.

Aluminium Tread Sheet structure of new, non-slip effect. Light weight, excellent durability. The quality of about 7kg per square meter, the tensile strength of 200N per square millimeter, aluminum extension of high relative elongation higher than 10%, can withstand high bending without breaking, good toughness.


Alloy series

Typical alloys

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Aluminium Tread Plate

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