How much does it cost to send a friend a glowing pillow?

Every girl dreams of being in a magical world, surrounded by a variety of warmths and romances, and glowing pillows will make you feel it. Under the shadow of dreams, you are watching TV, drinking coffee, and you think it's wonderful to think about it. How good is it to buy a light pillow ? Next, let's take a look at Xiao Bian to see how good it is to buy a shiny pillow and send a friend to make a pillow.

First, how much is good for a shiny pillow ?

1, the price of luminous pillows is in fact ranging, is the so-called penny a point of delivery, if you are greedy for cheap prices, then you buy a luminous pillow in the quality is certainly not very good. Therefore, consumers who value quality still need to look for brands when they buy light-emitting pillows, and the quality of light-emitting pillows on the market is uneven. Consumers who want to buy pillows should pay extra attention.

2. The glowing pillows sold on Taobao are very cluttered. It is best not to purchase luminous pillows whose price is less than one hundred yuan online. Such luminous pillows cannot guarantee quality, and the use effect is not very good. Many luminous pillows now have the function of playing music, but such pillows are also relatively expensive.

Second, send friends a suitable light pillow

1. The inside of the luminous pillow is equipped with RGB three-color light-emitting diodes. The light emitted is crystal clear throughout the pillow. At the same time, the user can also use the microelectronic circuit to control the brightness and variation of the LED, so that the entire pillow emits colorful brilliance. When you turn on the battery on the inside of the glowing pillow, any line in the pillow is in the standby state, and you need to start it yourself.

2. Nowadays, more and more people are pursuing their individuality. The same is true of home decoration. The glowing pillows that are full of new ideas have thus been favored by many young people. On a quiet night, holding a glowing pillow in your arms will add a warm ambience and let the warm glowing design pillow accompany you for a long night. Glowing pillows capture the hearts of many girls, so now young people give bright pillows to their friends as birthday gifts.

3. The luminous source used for luminous pillows is light emitting diodes that are often seen in daily life. We do not have to worry about whether there is a radiation hazard to the human body. Whether it is a gift for a friend or a girlfriend, it is a very special gift, and the price will not be very expensive, even if your economic conditions are generally acceptable.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is how much a good shiny pillow to buy and send friends related to the appropriate content of light pillows, hoping to help everyone. The smart design of glowing pillows and the brilliance of their brilliance are like playing a beautiful movement. People feel the warmth and romance unconsciously. If you don’t want to send a friend a birthday present, quickly choose a luminous pillow for you. Friends.

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