Causes and prevention of rice lodging


Reason: The greater the angle of lodging, the greater the impact on production. The rice is inverted and the stems are inverted. The roots are due to the fact that the rice is often in deep water, the roots are poorly developed, the hair roots are less, the roots are shallow, the roots are poorly supported, and the wind is invaded, it is easy to fall flat; The basal cell of the stalk has less cellulose content, thin cell wall, large cell gap, soft tissue structure, strong stalk, can not afford the upper part of the force, and has different degrees of lodging. The reason for lodging is analyzed from the aspect of cultivation management, mainly the plough layer. Shallow, irrigation is too deep, the transplanting is too dense, the root system is poorly developed, the group ventilation and light transmission conditions are not good, in addition, the water and fertilizer management is improper, one-sided re-application of nitrogen fertilizer, the tillering period is too prosperous, the jointing long-leaf stage leaf area is large, closed Early, causing the stalk base to be long.
Prevention and control: scientific irrigation, according to the different demand for water in different growth stages of rice, reasonable irrigation, implementation of flower water transplanting, inch water sputum, till the end of the sputum (3 to 5 days before ear differentiation), draining the sun for 7 to 10 days, such as The occurrence of low temperature weather below 17 °C, can fill more than 15 cm of water layer, deep water protection tires, which is an effective measure to prevent obstacles of low temperature and cold damage; reasonable close planting, is conducive to ventilation and light; scientific fertilization, moderate nitrogen application, increased phosphorus, Potassium fertilizer makes the stalk strong and prevents lodging. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright

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Refinement of Copper removing agent and Decoppering Agent through Lead Fire Process

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Bismuth is the impurity which is the most difficult to remove during fire refining of crude lead. lead fire process refined debismuthizing agent is prepared and produced by Luanchuan Hengkai Metallurgical Materials Sales Co., Ltd after research and development for many years. The lead fire smelting novel copper removing agent is prepared and produced by our company. After the copper removing agent produced by our company is used, the copper content in the lead after copper removal is within 0.0002. More importantly, after the copper removing agent produced by our company is used, no pollution is produced (no smoke), the emission of sulfur dioxide is reduced, there is no low-altitude pollution, the operation is simple for workers, the operating environment is improved, and free technical guidance is given for the first-time use.

"Hengkai Metallurgical" brand patent products (patent number: 201808178848) is environmental protection copper removing agent 1#. Environmental protection formula copper removing agent 2# belongs to upgrade products of the copper removing agent 1#. After the copper removing agent produced by our company is used, the copper content in the lead is less than 0.00015 after copper removal. The product is characterized by small usage, no pungent smell, no low-altitude pollution, easier operation and low slag rate. Product advantages: the content of existing copper removing agent in the market is 6%-10%, which is lower than ours. Currently, the company is the only one in China that has passed EIA acceptance. The company adopts the most advanced independently-developed automatic production line to produce copper removing agent. The annual output is 15,000 tons, and the moisture content is less than 0.01%.

Luanchuan Hengkai Metallurgical Materials Sales Co., Ltd. is a domestic professional R & D and production manufacturer engaged in lead smelting copper removing agent and lead-refined debismuthizing agent. The company cooperates with a number of scientific research institutions, and it has abundant strength in independent research and development, design automation assembly line operation, production and examination, which has formed the production capacity of 30,000 tons in copper removing agent, debismuthizing agent, iron sulphide, Ferro sulphur , alloy sand, ferrous sulphide, Pyrite and other series products. It is one of the domestic production enterprises with the largest scale. The company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in April 2018. The patented products (patent No.: 201808178848) "Hengkai Metallurgical" brand copper removing agent and ferro sulphur gain consistent praise from clients after innovation, research and development and improvement by the clients for many years due to high product quality and cheap price. It supplies goods to most domestic lead smelting enterprises throughout the year with stable business relationship. Its market share is 70%. Its products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions. Its share in the southeast Asia market is 80%. The company belongs to a reliable partner and service provider.

Hengkai metallurgical company sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit the guidance, negotiate cooperation!

(In addition, our company is specialized in the production of `Hengkai Metallurgical" Brand - ferro sulphur series for foundry, copper removal agent series for lead smelting, debismuthizing agent for lead smelting, iron sulphide series for resin grinding wheel abrasive industry, iron sulphide series for brake pad friction industry, iron sulphide series for heavy metal wastewater treatment, iron disulphide series for soil improvement, iron disulphide for lithium battery anode, alloy sand series for wear-resisting flooring industry, ferrous sulphide powder series for ferrous sulphide cored wire, ferrous sulphide for ferrous sulphide cored wire, iron sulphide for resin grinding wheel, ferrous sulphide powder for heavy metal wastewater treatment, ferrous sulphide powder for soil improvement, ferrous sulphide cored wire, pyrite, ferrous sulphide ore, molybdenum oxide, high purity molybdenum trioxide, ammonium molybdate, titanium dioxide, cryolite powder, mullite, etc.)

Copper Removing Agent-CTJ

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