Wall-mounted fish tank size is suitable for wall-mounted fish tank can raise what fish

People in today's society like to keep pets in their daily lives. Compared with kittens and puppies, most people tend to fish. Natural fish farming can not be less fish tanks, and now there are a variety of fish tanks on the market, more common in home furnishings is wall-mounted fish tanks . Next Xiao Bian told us something about the wall fish tank wall fish tank size and how much for what fish can be raised.

First, how large is the size of a wall-mounted fish tank?

1, Ant wall hanging fish tank

The ant's wall-mounted fish tank is small and exquisite. Hanging it on the wall is like moving the pond to the home and the home environment is even more lively. In addition to being used for raising fish, the ant-bearing wall aquarium can also raise some flowers and plants and arrange the fish tank to be a perfect one. This fish tank has a size, we can choose according to the size of the space and personal needs.

2, large wall fish tank

The large-scale wall-mounted fish tank is suitable for any place. The fish swims in the crystal-clear fish tank, adding a touch of brilliance to the home and surrounded by lush potted plants, allowing people to enjoy this rare relaxation while resting. . This fish tank trumpet is generally 1 meter * 15 cm * 50 cm, large size is 1.5 meters * 15 cm * 54 cm, in addition to extra large.

Second, wall-mounted fish tank can raise what fish

1. Wall-mounted fish tanks have limited space, so their water capacity is also limited, and the width is relatively narrow, which increases the difficulty of changing the water. In this case, you can't just fish your own liking, but rather consider the size of the fish tank and choose fish suitable for feeding in combination with the fish's habits.

2, because of the limited space of wall-mounted fish tanks , so it is only suitable for raising some small fish, such as headlights, Lotus lights, a traffic light and other light fish, of course, similar to Ma Liyu, pearl fish, tiger skin fish and other small and medium size fish also Can be raised. Wall-mounted fish tanks are very difficult to clean up. It is best to put a golden rat in the fish tank to clean the walls of the fish tank.

3, the number of fish is mainly limited by the fish tank, it is best not to fish too much fish in the tank, because the filter system wall hanging tank is not very good, the water will become more muddy, and the water in the Yang It will also be reduced, too little oxygen can not meet the oxygen demand of fish, which will lead to a large number of fish killed in the fish tank.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is how much wall-mounted fish tank size and wall-mounted fish tanks can raise the relevant content of the fish, I believe we see here to wear a wall-mounted fish tank to understand. Raising a few fishes in a monotonous life will also add fun to your life, and the wall-mounted fish tanks can now be set in any furniture. There is no need to worry about wall-hanging fish tanks taking up too much room.

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