Simple design of solar ice cream carts

Simple design of solar ice cream carts

In the summer, ice cream is an essential snack. The design of this ice cream vending cart is based on the unique sunshine advantage of the summer. Solar energy is used as a vehicle and refrigerator to drive the sun. The hotter the sun, the more energy the refrigerator has. In order to facilitate the collection of solar energy and also facilitate the purchase of ice cream by customers, the rear cover of this vending car can also be supported. Apart from allowing the customer to have a more shady waiting place, it can also increase the solar energy absorption efficiency, which can serve two purposes.

EMT elbow is manufactured from prime EMT conduit in accordance with the latest specifications and standards of ANSI C80.3(UL797).

The interior and exterior surface of elbows are free from defect with a smooth welded seam,and also are thoroughly and evenly coated with zinc using hot dip galvanizing process, so that metal-to-metal contact and galvanic protection against corrosion are provided, and surface of elbows with a clear post-galvanizing coating to provide further protection against corrosion.

Elbows are produced in normal trade sizes from ½[ to 4", the degree including 90 deg, 60 deg ,45 deg, 30 deg,22.5deg,15deg or according customer`s request .

The elbows are used to connect the EMT conduit to change the way of the EMT conduit

EMT Elbows Bends

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