How to choose a really practical smart lock

In our daily life, I do not know if you have ever encountered the situation of forgetting to bring a key. Xiao Bian is a relatively careless person and often suffers from being locked out of the door. Because there is no key to enter the house, that kind of taste Really uncomfortable; but now, with the advancement of technology, smart door locks have gradually entered everyone's life. We finally do not have to bring the keys every time we go out. We can unlock the door directly through fingerprints, passwords or mobile phones. Our life is much easier; but what should we do about the door lock, which is an extremely important part of our safety?

Smart Lock Features

Smart door locks are part of the smart home. In addition to retaining the original key unlocking method, fingerprints, swipe cards, password protection, and mobile phone operations have been added. This not only increases the security of the door lock, but also improves the door. The convenience of the lock allows us to successfully enter our home without having to carry the key. In the future, the smartness of the door lock will naturally become more and more common.

Picking skills

Fingerprint acquisition confirmation

Most of the smart door locks on the market include fingerprint recognition functions. What we need to understand is that the fingerprint acquisition system includes the "optical fingerprint acquisition system," "semiconductor fingerprint acquisition system," and "ultrasonic fingerprint acquisition system." "Optical Fingerprint Acquisition System" is the most suitable for smart door locks, because it has strong antistatic capacity, good stability and long service life. It can provide high-resolution images and achieve fingerprint image collection in larger areas; so everyone is buying. When the smart door lock can directly ask the product's fingerprint identification system, for reference;


Credit card sensitivity

When we purchase smart door locks, if the product has a "card" or "card swiping" function, we can continuously insert or swipe the card, whether the door lock switch is functioning normally, and whether "error" and "nothing occurs." "Response" or other undesirable phenomena to verify the stability and control capability of the door lock sensing circuit;

Material design

A good smart door lock not only needs to be functionally functional, but also its appearance material must be strictly guaranteed; general door locks will claim to be made of stainless steel plates, but stainless steel plates are often used instead of low-priced stainless iron. It is recommended that you choose The material is PVD, sweep sand chrome, stainless steel, such materials are not easy to produce deterioration and discoloration within three to five years of installation, and will not affect the aesthetics;

Lock body structure

For the lock structure of the smart door lock, we recommend that you choose the standard five-bolt structure, and second, whether it has a flood prevention insurance tongue, an indoor interlocking large tongue, and a mechanical key emergency door opening function, all of which can be confirmed when we purchase.


Door lock power consumption

Our smart door locks generally do not use battery chargers. All of them are powered by dry batteries. According to Xiao Bian’s understanding, according to the brand's different brands, some brands can do four quarters of dry battery power supply for one year, and some will only need to change one month or so. Frequent replacement of the battery will obviously affect our use. Therefore, we must understand his power consumption when purchasing smart door locks for important reference.

The above is a summary of Xiao Bian's selection of smart locks to collect information. I hope that everyone can help you when choosing smart locks. When selecting locks, don’t just follow the recommendations of shopping guides. Be sure to try and feel yourself. It's really convenient to feel right, thank you for reading!

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