Directly hit the construction of the Expo | nearly 200 smart lock companies vying to debut four highlights into a focus

The 2017 China Construction Expo (Guangzhou), which has the “Asian Building Materials First Exhibition”, was reopened on July 8th at the Pazhou Canton Fair. The exhibition is divided into four major exhibition areas of ABCD, of which area A is a smart exhibition area, covering smart locks, smart homes, construction hardware and other industries.
From the point of view of sorting, smart locks and smart homes are ranked first in the four major exhibition areas, which shows that the organizers attach great importance to the development of intelligence. In the smart exhibition area, smart locks are definitely the biggest bright spot. Moreover, it shows the highlights of many exhibiting companies, large exhibition areas, new technologies, and cool fashion.
Highlight 1: The smart lock business is more than in previous years
The exhibition attracted more than 2,200 exhibiting companies, more than 150,000 professional visitors, and more than 850,000 visitors. Among them, there are nearly 200 smart locks and related upstream and downstream enterprises, accounting for about 9% of the total number of exhibitors, which is definitely the most beautiful scenery of this exhibition.
Huitailong, Dinggu, Yajie, Kaidi Shi, Keyu, Chuangjia, Manshen, Jinzhimao, Mo Li, Romance, Siliga, Love, Black Dragon, Sakura, Wrigley, Asia Pacific Tianneng , the traditional smart lock companies such as Yunding, Inter, VOC, and Hollis were all present.
Foreign companies such as Anlangjie, Doma Kaipu, Samsung Electronics, Haier, Skyworth, Tsinghua Tongfang, Tsinghua Unisplendour and other cross-border smart lock companies, fingerprints and related module modules such as Jianan, Tongxin Intelligent also participated in this exhibition. Exhibition.
Highlight 2: The local booth is not large
The total exhibition area of ​​this exhibition is 380,000 square meters, and smart locks, smart homes and construction hardware account for nearly 40%. In Hall A of Hall A, it has basically been taken over by several major smart lock companies. Huitailong is definitely the king of the exhibition area, covering three large booths of nearly one thousand square meters, and it is a smart cloud lock, mechanical lock, The three series of bathroom hardware are unveiled.
In Hall 1.1, the second place in the booth area is the famous door. The booth area is nearly 400 square meters. The Romans, which is close to the famous door, has an exhibition area of ​​more than 300 square meters. Top solid, cherry blossom, famous door, Bao’s, and The exhibition area of ​​Ligao is also close to 300 square meters; the exhibition areas of Black Dragon, Mo Li, and Knight are around 100-200 square meters.
In Hall 2.2, Cadiz is the largest booth in the pavilion, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 400 square meters. Exhibitions of Asia Pacific Tianneng, Inter, Indilon, Oleston, Lock, Samsung, Wisdom, Wrigley, etc. The area is about 200-300 square meters, and Keyu, Gold Finger Code and Chuangjia are not less than 100 square meters.
In Hall 3.1, Haier is the largest booth of the museum, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 300 square meters. Rolex, Skyworth, Jusen, and Kexin also brought relevant smart lock products to Hall 3.1. After reading these data, do you have the same feeling as the door locker: the smart lock company has too many local tyrants, and the booth is not enough.
Highlight 3: New technology becomes the focus of attention
If there are many exhibitors and large exhibition areas, it reflects the booming development of the smart lock industry in these two years. Then some new technologies appear to represent the future direction of development.
In this exhibition, in addition to the most widely used fingerprint recognition, the opening method of face, iris and finger vein is gradually used by some manufacturers. In the process of the door lock Jun visit, many companies also said: fingerprint identification is still the best choice at present, the first is cost-effective, followed by good stability, the price is easy for users to accept.
Although the cost of face recognition has gradually decreased, many companies are still worried about its stability. The price of the iris and the finger vein is higher, of course, the safety is relatively high, but currently only for high-end users. Although many companies have not yet adopted iris and finger vein recognition technology, they are also waiting to see or make corresponding technical reserves.
In addition, WeChat unlock, IoT smart lock, fully automatic smart lock, etc. are also the most popular features of this exhibition.
Highlight 4: Cool fashion is eye-catching
In this exhibition, in addition to some new technologies, black technology, new ways to open, colorful and cool design is also very eye-catching.
For example, the smart D1 series smart locks that have just ended the crowdfunding have not only the smart slider, the security burglar, the Ali intelligence, the high compatibility, and the five advantages of the price, but also the stylish and colorful four-color design.
In addition, the colorful youth series launched by Mingmen last year has also become one of the highlights of the show's most attractive young users. Seen from the products on display, the famous colorful series of young people have six cool colors: blushing red, elegant white, green, black, vibrant yellow and noble gold.
In addition to the bold use of color, there are also breakthroughs in design. At present, the imitation of the Samsung push-pull design is still the most popular appearance, Liu Fu's small waist design, and the romantic design of Romans also attract the audience.
Conclusion: Guangzhou Jianbo Fair is known as the barometer of the building materials industry. At such an exhibition, smart locks and smart homes have become the biggest concern, indicating that the industry is hot enough. But the next step, our smart lock peers should consider how to improve the heat of the terminal market.

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