Fingerprint punching machine how to export data fingerprints punch card attendance record export method

Fingerprint punch how to export data? How to export data to U disk? How does a punch card machine export attendance? Attendance machine export data excel operation method introduction. Fingerprinting is the most common way to record attendance records. It records the attendance and attendance status through fingerprints, and forms a database. It is easier and simpler to manage employees. Due to the need of office, it is often necessary to record fingerprints everywhere. Here, we will introduce how to use fingerprints to export data. weZ smart lock China

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Fingerprint punch attendance record export method tutorial

Print reports, print attendance data when the data needs to be exported attendance record, mainly attendance data downloaded from the U disk, and then import the data into the computer, the data will be presented excel format printing can be realized, as follows: weZ intelligent Lock China

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Fingerprint punching machine to import data method one: weZ smart lock China

1, because the fingerprint attendance machine is to use USB cable to download data, so you first need to "device maintenance" in the attendance software, the attendance machine and software "communications" set to USB download, and then save. weZ smart lock China

2. After powering on the attendance machine, insert the USB cable into the attendance machine and the USB interface of the computer. Then select the “USB connection method” in the “My Device List”, and then click the connection device. After a few seconds, the device is connected successfully. At the same time, the circle of the device name will be colored, and at the same time, the system will prompt the successful connection in the lower right corner. At this time, the attendance machine and the computer software were successfully connected. weZ smart lock China

3. After the connection is successful, click "Download Record Data from Device". At this time, the data in the attendance machine will be uploaded to the software via the data cable. At the same time, there will be prompts for how many records to download. At this time, you will click "Attendance Record". You can see all the personnel record data you just downloaded. weZ smart lock China

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Fingerprint punching machine import data method II: weZ smart lock China

1, the computer needs to install the "attendance management system standard version", insert the U disk, open the "attendance management system standard version." weZ smart lock China

2, open the data - U flash management, press "confirm". weZ smart lock China

3, In the pop-up window, select "9-bit code (custom, must first import U disk employee data)." weZ smart lock China

4. Click "Import Record Data to Computer" above and click "Import Record from USB Disk" on the right. weZ smart lock China

5, in the dialog box that pops up, press "OK", the system starts to import data. weZ smart lock China

6, we can enter the corresponding time period in the "attendance record", click on the query, you can see the data we import. weZ smart lock China

The above is a smart lock China Network Xiaobian finishing fingerprint punch data export method of operation instructions, more fingerprint attendance problems please check the content of this site. weZ smart lock China

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