Zhengzhou Huajing: Point Shicheng "Crystal" Leading the industry

Abstract Ancient India has such a legend, a king named Bara, who is bright and honest, honest and courageous. After burning on the altar of God, his bones became seeds. When the gods competed for these seeds, they accidentally scattered them to the mountains, forests, rivers...
Ancient India has such a legend, a king named Bara, who is bright and honest, honest and courageous. After burning on the altar of God, his bones became seeds. When the gods competed for these seeds, they accidentally scattered them into mountains, forests, and rivers, and rooted and germinated eventually became diamonds.

This magical legend expresses the world's cherished diamonds. Diamond has become a symbol of loyalty and light, precious and unparalleled. Nowadays, mysterious diamonds can also be branded as "man-made" for the hardest abrasives in the industry, the best wafers for semiconductors, the most high-frequency filters for communication components, and the most stable resists for components. Wait. Due to its own mechanical properties and unique acoustic, optical, electrical and thermal properties, diamond has advantages that other materials can't match. It is widely used in oil drilling, aerospace, high-speed rotating bearing coating, high-power semiconductor components, submarine cable filling. Materials, window coatings, military and many other fields, we have to sincerely sigh the excellence of human wisdom.

On the long road of long-term research and development, China, Henan, Huajing and other key words can not be underestimated. More than 300 patents and inventions have been developed, from the embarrassing situation of backward technology to the myth of being the first in the world. Every carat of synthetic diamonds shines with the enthusiasm of Huajing people to revitalize the national industry, pursue scientific and technological progress, and carry forward the humanistic spirit.

Entrepreneurship: loyal to the glorious bloom of the nation

At the end of the 18th century, when people discovered that diamonds were actually an allotrope of carbon, the preparation of synthetic diamonds became the dream of many scientists and entrepreneurs. It can be said that they are scrambling. In 1955, the United States General Electric Company used the high temperature and high voltage electrostatic equipment to produce the world's first industrial synthetic diamond small crystals, creating a precedent for industrial scale production of synthetic diamond abrasives. Since then, synthetic diamond has become more and more widely used as a basic industrial product, and its consumption has gradually evolved into an important indicator to measure the level of industrial development in a country.

Since the birth of synthetic diamond in China in 1963, with the continuous innovation of technology, it has become more and more widely used in traditional industries, and is gradually applied to high-tech fields, such as processing of precision instruments such as high-energy accelerators, high-efficiency precision of satellite solar panels, etc. Micro-precision cutting, slotting, back-thinning, and nano-diamond polishing of large-scale integrated circuits such as processing and computer chips. In 2001, Henan Huajing Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. began to be established. In the same year, the production technology, equipment and output quality of China's synthetic diamonds were in an extremely embarrassing situation. Except for some middle and low-end products, the other levels mainly depended on imports.

At the beginning of the venture, Guo Liuxi suffered a lot. Without equipment, he took the lead and took the lead in leading the technicians to develop it himself. Without methods, he encouraged employees to be bold and innovative. Without technicians, he called on employees to be open-minded and ask for help... He did not know how many studies he ran. The institute, how many experts and professors ask for advice, the hardships and setbacks can be imagined. However, a firm belief has always inspired him: the super-hard material industry is an emerging industry, and its development prospects are extremely broad. Entering this industry is a life-long choice, and only its own life value can be reflected.

As the chairman of the board, as the owner of a private enterprise, Guo Liuxi knows the importance of leading by example. Therefore, in the process of independent innovation of the company, he presided over the research and development of the core technology of the domestically advanced synthetic diamond special equipment and process. He often said: "In the development of the enterprise, if you don't advance, you will not retreat. If you open the bow, you won't have to turn back. If you want to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, and you have to become a century-old foundation, you must be in independent innovation. Always in a leading position."

After the extremely difficult period, Yuanfa slowly embarked on the track of stable development, the company's scale continued to expand, and the development of raw and auxiliary materials for synthetic diamond began. Due to the excellent quality of the products and Guo Lixi's integrity management, several large domestic enterprises have increasingly relied on the raw and auxiliary materials produced by Yuanfa. As of 2002, the new raw and auxiliary materials developed and produced by Yuanfa Diamond Company accounted for 62% of the national market.

In order to promote the technological advancement of super-hard materials and solve many problems left over from the industry for decades, on November 16, 2001, entrepreneurs headed by Guo Liuxi entered the Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. On the basis of Yuanfa Diamond Company, they boldly founded Henan Huajing Superhard Materials Co., Ltd.

After the formation of the new company, Guo Liuxi still takes the hard work and independent innovation as the foundation for development, and integrates the entrepreneurial spirit and business philosophy into the process of enterprise development. Under his leadership, Henan Huajing Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. developed rapidly. In just a few years, the number of employees has grown from several to more than 700. The registered capital has increased from several million yuan to 300 million yuan. The small private enterprise ranks among the top three in the national superhard materials industry and has been selected as 50 high-tech and high-growth enterprises in Henan Province.

On December 24, 2004, in order to give full play to the technological advantages of the company's independent innovation and the advantages of high-yield, high-quality, low-cost products, Guo Liuxi also drastically separated the diamond production of Henan Huajing Superhard Materials Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd. (the predecessor of Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd.) was re-established.

Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd. is the latest in the country's superhard materials industry, but it is a fast-growing company. After the establishment of the company, it has experienced the hardships of numerous technological innovations. It has experienced the successful transformation of the management model. It has experienced the bitterness of the enterprises to expand the land acquisition. At the same time, it has also experienced the troubles of the private enterprise's industrialized capital turnover in the case of advanced technology. However, in the end, Huajing still came over and achieved remarkable results in the tenacious growth in the cracks.

In the past ten years, Zhengzhou Huajing has been authorized or accepted more than 300 domestic patents, and has mastered the core technologies of large-scale synthetic equipment, large-cavity synthesis technology and raw and auxiliary materials for large-cavity synthetic synthetic diamond. Huajing's research and development projects have achieved an implementation rate of 95%. Among them, the self-developed diamond synthesis equipment, the new six-sided top press with cylinder-in-one combination, has reached the first place in China and the international leading position. . Both HJ-650 and HJ-1000 presses are the largest in the country with the highest cylinder diameter, the highest centering accuracy, the most stable performance and the highest output efficiency. The HJ-650 press chamber is mm51mm, and the single production can reach 220 carats. It is twice the single-production output of 100-130 carats for other companies in the same industry in China.

The HJ-1000 cavity is more than 68mm, and the single output is higher. "HJ-650 intelligent press and high-grade diamond", "HJ-1000 six-sided top press and high-grade diamond", "Ultra-thin high-purity graphite sheet for synthetic diamond", "Synthetic diamond new composite pressure-transfer sealing medium" and other projects It has been identified as the National Torch Program by the Torch High-tech Industry Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology. “HJ-650 intelligent network press production line” “HJ-1000 six-sided top press and internal indirect heating process development” and other projects won the first prize of Zhengzhou Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Henan Science and Technology Progress Award. 2 items and 2nd prizes, "Catalyst Synthesis of High-grade Diamond Key Equipment and Complete Process Technology Development Project" was closely cooperated by Huajing Company, Zhongyuan Institute of Technology and Zhengzhou Abrasives Grinding Research Institute, and won the 2011 National The second prize for scientific and technological progress, this is the first company in the superhard materials industry to win the national award in recent years. Also in this decade, Huajing became the only private enterprise in Henan Province with the qualification of the Enterprise Engineering Technology Intermediate Title Evaluation Committee.

In the past ten years, the high grade rate and product quality of diamond produced by Huajing have been at the leading international level in China. The technical indexes of diamond particle size, impact toughness (TI), thermal shock toughness (TTI) and impact strength have also reached the international advanced level. It can partially replace imported diamond products to meet the market demand for high-grade diamonds at home and abroad. Huajing SC series diamond products were awarded the title of “China Famous Brand” by China International Famous Brand Development Association. The company's quality credit rating was evaluated as “AAA” by China Product Quality Association. The company is the first company in the industry to receive the Mayor Quality Award.

In the past ten years, Huajing has always adhered to the business philosophy of “survive by quality, develop by management”, strictly in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001:2008 international quality certification system, product development, product selection, supplier selection, raw material procurement. The production process, product sales, after-sales service and other aspects of the implementation of the entire process of effective control, the company's quality management level gradually improved, in 2009 by the Beijing Zhongda Huayuan Certification Center quality management system certification, certification by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) quality management The system is certified by the MAL member of the Multilateral Lakers Agreement.

In the past ten years, Huajing has also established the only nationally recognized diamond testing laboratory in the domestic industry. It is equipped with internationally advanced testing equipment for diamond and raw and auxiliary materials, and is equipped with the most advanced X-ray diffractometer, grinding center and most Advanced diamond tool testing equipment, the test results issued by more than 170 countries and regions around the world ...

In March 2010, approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Huajing first publicly issued shares, officially listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and sounded the first time in the Central Plains listing of the GEM. The stock is referred to as “Yu Diamond” and the listing code is “300064”. A total of 38 million shares were issued and the fund raised was 810 million yuan. Over the years, Zhengzhou Huajing Diamond Co., Ltd. has always been "innovative development, lighting up the future" as the core goal, and finally completed the wonderful "fish" jump in the capital market.

R&D: loyal to the team's synergy

The “squid effect” is one of the effective measures to motivate employees. In view of the phenomenon of “squid effect” in enterprises and the low enthusiasm of some employees, the “efficiency” of the original entrepreneurial period gradually lost its vitality. According to this classic management rule, Zhengzhou Huajing constantly introduces “squid-like” characters. First, constantly replenishing fresh blood, bringing old employees who are energetic and quick-thinking young workers into the workforce, and a small number of self-styled, old-fashioned lazy employees and managers to bring competitive pressure, evoking the survival consciousness and competition of the "sardines" Victory heart. The second is to continuously introduce new technologies, new processes, new equipment, new management concepts, activate the workforce, and improve the performance of the work. Enable enterprises to fight storms and tides in the market tide, enhance their ability to survive and adapt.

Through the joint efforts of all employees of the company, Huajing has made significant contributions to accelerating the improvement of the level of super-hard materials manufacturing, promoting product structure adjustment and upgrading, promoting scientific and technological progress in the industry, and greatly improving the international competitiveness of products. The industry insiders mentioned the results of Huajing's technology research and development, and all of them praised each other with their thumbs up. Taking the “Seismic Synthesis of High-grade Diamond Key Equipment and Complete Process Technology Development Project” as the second-class National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2011, Huajing has achieved some internationally advanced results in the international advanced level. The overall technology is at the international advanced level.

Synthetic industrial diamonds at home and abroad are mainly based on the catalyst method. The key equipments are divided into two-sided tops and six-sided tops according to the structural characteristics. The European and American countries mainly adopt two-sided tops. Although suitable for high-grade diamond synthesis, the hard alloy high-pressure molds are complicated in structure and difficult to manufacture. high. Facing the reality of domestic materials and processing technology, China developed a unique six-face press in the 1960s, and its emergence promoted the development of synthetic diamonds, making China the largest producer of production. However, compared with foreign technology, there are a series of problems such as low single output, low grade rate, low thermal shock toughness, and poor product quality, so that the required high grade diamonds are almost entirely dependent on imports for a long time.

In response to the high-quality and high-yield problems of high-grade diamonds, Huajing has fully utilized the advantages of production, study and research, starting from the application of theoretical research, and systematically integrating innovations in synthetic equipment, raw materials and processes. After several years of hard work and tens of thousands of repeated experiments, we found out the growth conditions of high-grade diamond in the Fujing area, established a pressure-temperature dynamic matching optimization process system, developed corresponding control software, and realized diamond. Controllable growth. At the same time, the traditional six-sided top press was completely rebuilt, and a new six-sided top press with cylinder-in-one, large-cavity and ultra-high pressure was developed to improve the yield and provide hardware for high-grade diamond growth. Development of raw and auxiliary materials and optimization of high-pressure cavity assembly structure with large cavity. The diamond has a single production of 580 carats and a high grade rate of 60%. Compared with the European and American double-sided synthesis technology, energy saving is 30%, equipment cost is reduced by 40%, and the consumption of 10,000 carat diamond top hammer is reduced from 10Kg to 0.5Kg. The overall technical level is internationally advanced. Tested by the National Abrasives Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the thermal shock toughness of diamonds is 95%, the impact toughness is 96%, the main technical indicators of the products exceed the international advanced level of similar products, and the economic and social benefits are remarkable. In addition to the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, this comprehensive technology also won the first world invention patent in the superhard materials industry and was publicly approved by the US Intellectual Property Office.

Intellectual property rights helped the company to expand its market share and created gratifying economic benefits. The successful industrialization of patent projects further promoted the development of technological innovation. In May 2009, Huajing applied for an international invention patent published in the US Patent Office, becoming the only international invention patent of the same kind of products in the industry. The number of patents and patent applications was the first in the same industry in China. In December 2009, Huajing was named the fourth batch of national IPR pilot units.

The company has a unique insight into the management of corporate intellectual property: it is better to retain patent inventors than to protect patents. Patents can go with people, and with the technical talents who are full of innovation and intensive research, there will naturally be more and more valuable patents and technical outputs. Therefore, when other domestic enterprises unilaterally emphasize that “employees must be loyal to the enterprise”, the company proposes that “the enterprise must also be loyal to the employees”, that is, the company must give back to the employees who contribute.

In motivating employees, the company has developed research results and patent work assessment indicators, and listed them in the performance appraisal indicator system of each department and its leaders. At the same time, the company set up a special fund for patent work, which is managed by the Patent Work Office and used for expenses such as patent training, patent rewards, patent work affairs and patent information network construction.

For the problems that employees may encounter in their work, they must be patient, tolerant, and tolerant, but they should not repeat the mistakes. While aiming at perfection, they also encourage straightforwardness, publicity, and creative potential, but they are not allowed to blindly worship.

In terms of employee life, the company's senior leadership has done nothing to solve practical difficulties for employees. The wedding and funeral of the employees' families, the company's leaders will pay attention, care, and care. For everyone regardless of the level of respect and attraction, the team's cohesiveness is unmatched, and excellent resources are prepared for technology research and development.

Innovation: Loyal to the source of development

Innovation is the driving force of art, and it is also the foundation for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. Adhering to absorption and innovation can enable enterprises to maximize their potential. Over the years, the company has insisted on independent innovation as the foundation in its development, and pays more attention to the learning tracking and transcendence of cutting-edge technology. Under the unremitting efforts and urging of the company's leaders, Huajing people have developed the habit of "strivening for Huajing to become a large-scale superhard material industry group integrating R&D, production, operation and market services". Huajing Company has formed an atmosphere of striving to build an innovation system with “Huajing as the main body, combining production, study and research”, and adheres to the principle of people-oriented, respecting knowledge, respecting talents and advocating personal development, and ensuring the personnel of various functional departments. Enthusiasm and creativity.

On the basis of independent research and development and independent innovation, Huajing has established close cooperation with nine research institutes and universities for long-term production, learning and research. At the same time, the company has the only academician workstation in the domestic industry. It has specially hired Academician Zou Guangtian, the academician of China's superhard materials industry, and academician Wu Yangjie, physical chemistry scientist, and academician Shen Dezhong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. It is the only manufacturer in the diamond industry. An enterprise with an academician workstation. The company's independent research and development, external support, and academic research have formed a benign interaction with remarkable results.

In addition, Zhengzhou Synthetic Diamond and Products Engineering Technology Research Center Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huajing, is mainly engaged in the research and development of diamond and related superhard materials and products. It has strong research and development strength and fruitful results. In September 2007, it was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology. The Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, and the five ministries and commissions of the State Administration of Taxation jointly recognized the state-level enterprise technology center. In 2009, the National Development and Reform Commission identified the technical center of the “innovative capacity building special project”.

Huajing has always been committed to “creating first-class enterprises, creating first-class talents, and making first-class contributions”. To accomplish this mission requires extraordinary, long-span, scientific and efficient development speed, and such speed cannot be separated from the atmosphere that encourages innovation. Without a solid corporate cohesion, these are inseparable from the guidance of the wise and the appropriate environment. "Pioneering and innovative, sincere unity, and striving for the development of Huajing" is the common aspiration of the employees of the company!

Strategy: loyal to the ideal blood chapter

In March 2010, after the listing of Huajing, the company's senior leaders believed that the company's development to the world's first place can only talk about the industry. Now we are just standing on the new starting line and need to establish a higher level for the second venture.

With the advancement of industrial technology and the upgrading of industrial structure, synthetic diamonds and their products not only have a wider application range, but also face higher quality requirements. At present, the superhard performance of diamond has been widely recognized, and diamond also has excellent characteristics such as sound, light, electricity and heat. With the deepening of research, it will be more widely applied to the field of high-end technology development. Superhard materials and products including synthetic diamonds are the key areas of high-tech industry that are supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Commerce. The developed countries in the world regard superhard materials and products including synthetic diamonds as the development focus and strategic development reserve materials. The research and application level of superhard materials and products represent the level of scientific and technological development of a country to some extent.

Due to its core R&D and production advantages, Huajing will not only improve its position in the diamond production industry, but also develop and reserve a number of core patents and scientific research achievements of diamond products. Once the conditions are mature, they can expand their industrial chain. . In 2012, we acquired 200 mu of land in the Zhengzhou Eastern Free Trade Zone, and established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Huajing Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and acquired 500 mu of land in Luoyang to establish a holding company, Henan Huamao New Material Technology Development Co., Ltd., which is in research and development and pilot test. On the basis of the level of international manufacturing, the projects of superhard materials development will be implemented one by one into a space for development. It can be seen that the future development space of Huajing will be broader.

According to the development trend of synthetic diamond industry and Huajing's own development advantages, under the favorable conditions that the company's industrial chain research and development has been initially formed, the overall strategy for the development of the company in the next few years is to continue to develop with independent innovation as the fundamental equipment. The key technologies will maintain the domestic leading level on the basis of continuous innovation; based on the expansion of new raw and auxiliary materials and high-grade diamond industrialization, reserve advanced equipment technology and advanced technology for five to ten years; to fill the domestic gap and replace imports. The products are the pioneers, vigorously develop domestic and international markets, continuously expand market share, and strive to build the company into a “domestic first-class, internationally renowned” synthetic diamond and product enterprise.

Through the implementation of the four core tasks of “market, R&D, production and talents”, the company will comprehensively enhance the company's sustainable development capability, innovation capability and core competitiveness, and commit itself to building the company into an internationally advanced level of R&D and production of synthetic diamonds and products. Base, to achieve the company's development vision - "to become the world's important synthetic diamond and product production base, to create equipment - raw and auxiliary materials - artificial diamond products - artificial diamond products of the first-class enterprises."

Thanksgiving: One carat loyalty is greater than infinity

In Huajing, there is a huge slogan "One carat is more loyal than infinity." “Even if you have such tiny details in a carat, everyone can maintain loyalty and gratitude to the company, the society, the science, and the country. This is the essence of Huajing.” With loyalty as the driving force, bring the overall strength of the team. It will surely lead Huajing, and it will be invincible on the journey of the second venture, and will move toward a more broad and shining stage.

The advanced corporate culture is a spiritual wealth with corporate characteristics and positive development. Without an advanced corporate culture, it is impossible to make a company prosper.

A technologically advanced enterprise whose unique culture is an inexhaustible motive force for sustainable development. The reason why advanced enterprises can defeat backward enterprises is because the culture of advanced enterprises is more suitable for competition and more vitality than the culture of backward enterprises. More and more companies are beginning to realize the importance of corporate culture. The driving force, integration and cohesion of a company come from the culture of the company.

In the hall of the newly completed enterprise engineering research and development center, such a nameplate is established:

"Hua Jing, the elite of China, and Shi Chengjing. Also, the team of Liu Xishuai, the storms, the hardships, the entrepreneurship for more than ten years, and the leading technology in China's superhard materials industry. The light is cloudy, the road ahead is bumpy, Innovation and development simultaneously, the mission must be the second innovation concept, the image of the industry to serve the country, only to be grateful to the society, to return to society as their responsibility, thanks to all the people who have helped to support the development of the past and all levels of government. We will never slacken, work hard, and devote ourselves to the company. Reporting companies provide employees with a platform to display their talents, create a path of good life, and a space for future projects. Reporting enterprises must be based on enterprises, all employees work together to create industry innovation. Brilliant, to build a long-term enterprise, and to be the best in China, to achieve this grand vision. The flowering of the country and all employees will mark the New Year."

It reflects the concept and spirit of corporate leaders and employees who are self-reliant, self-reliant, support the society, serve the society, and return to society.

Hua Jing remembers the bitter grace of the people who have been in the snow for many years, and thanked the people who have added flowers to the cherished feelings. In the future, Huajing will win more brilliant achievements in the industry with better style, invest more manpower and material resources to return employees and give back to the society!

Looking forward to the future, Huajing, the elite of China, entrepreneurs, and bows have no turning back. The world's superhard peak is the goal we always pursue. Huajing superhard material is the superhardness of world science and technology development. Peak - waiting for us - Huajing super hard.

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