Talking about the making process and material selection of solid wood composite door

Solid wood composite doors are common in our lives, but do you know all about the production process and materials?

The following Jizheng Building Materials Network Xiaobian for you to analyze the production process of solid wood composite doors and materials selection.

At present, most of the solid wood composite doors on the market use pine wood and fir finished boards with less internal stress as the core material skeleton of the door. This is quite different from the traditional wooden doors and solid wood doors, and has many advantages, for example. In terms of price, the production process, the use of covering materials. The solid wood composite door has partial composite and integral composite; there is a process of assembling after the board is installed, and there is no core board composite process, so the solid wood composite door has broad development prospects.

The outer layer of the solid wood composite door is different from the wood part, the density is different, and the dry shrinking and wetening property is best to stick the high quality three-ply board or stick the Australian pine board, so that the door is more advanced, more fashionable, more environmentally friendly and more authentic. Solid wood composite door.

The surface material is made of high temperature and high pressure (the concept of high temperature and high pressure is: high temperature in wood products, high pressure of process pressure), and the precious Wood Veneer is made through a series of high temperature and high pressure treatment. The advantage of this solid wood composite door is that since the door core skeleton is processed through strict process drying and advanced process means, the moisture content is strictly controlled to ensure that it is not easily deformed and cracked after use.

The composite wooden door of the process not only overcomes the defects of easy cracking deformation of the solid wood door, but also maintains the natural and natural appearance of the solid wood door, and has the properties of heat preservation, moisturizing, soundproofing and "breathing". In particular, "breathing" will adjust the temperature inside and outside the door itself, and make the door of the composite process more attractive. The compounding process increases the equipment between 9 and 150,000, but the high efficiency, the process is easy to grasp, the materials are easy to purchase, the cost is easy to control, the production organization has a bottom, and the future production organization, reducing the production cost to occupy the market space price, Shorter delivery times and timely delivery have made the manufacturers who use the process taste the sweetness.

Solid wood composite doors, whether using Australian pine boards, high-quality three-ply boards, or solid wood Veneer facing materials, need a certain thickness, so in addition to the smooth finish and beautiful color, the structural positive effect on the wooden door is obviously strengthened and extended. Its service life. The solid wood veneer used in the solid wood composite door is no different from the appearance of the solid wood wooden door. The higher the finishing material of the solid wood composite door, the more expensive the price. This is also the price of solid wood composite doors of the same brand on the market. Nowadays, the common surface materials (solid wood veneers) on the market are: Sapele, Sapele, Red Walnut, White Walnut, Pear, Oak, Red Rose, Thai Pomelo, etc. If all wood is made, her The price after the cost is formed by ordinary people who dare not ask. However, all solid wood doors require many wood materials, high requirements, and large resource consumption. From the perspective of long-term development, they are not good for protecting forest resources.

The advantages of solid wood composite doors have attracted a large number of consumers. Whether in terms of price or craftsmanship, they are very catering to the psychology of consumers. The future development of solid wood composites is immeasurable.  

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