Home improvement waterproof material what to do interior decoration waterproof

Renovation of the house, the most fear is the leakage, the use of home improvement waterproof material is indispensable. In the home improvement space, kitchens, balconies, bathrooms and other places of life will frequently retain water, and waterproof materials need to be used for waterproofing. What are the common home improvement waterproof materials? After buying home waterproof material, how should I do a good job of interior decoration waterproof?

What are the home improvement waterproof materials? Home improvement waterproof material, flexible mortar

Emulsion and mortar ratio is 5:4, with elasticity, even if the base layer deformation cracking will not affect the waterproof effect. It is mostly used on the surface of water, such as wall surface and ground surface, but it cannot be used on the back surface of the top surface. If waterproof is not done well, there is water penetration and it is easy to make water seepage.

Home-installed waterproof material II, polyurethane

Indoor and outdoor use, brushing is very thick, about 3 mm or so, and the tension is more than 300%, very elastic, cracking of any substrate will not make it crack, waterproof effect is best. Although the safety performance control is among the environmental protection requirements, the odor of such a waterproof coating is relatively large, and it is difficult for ordinary people to accept it, and the environmental protection performance of a very few waterproof brands is not up to the standard. Polyurethanes are colloidal and are very thick. The use of scrapers during construction is laborious and complicated.

Home waterproof material three, hard mortar

Also known as rigid mortar: the ratio of emulsion to mortar is 1:4. After coating, it is not necessary to process the coating, and it can be directly tiled, which is more convenient. After solidification, it forms a cement block, which does not cause water seepage. Its back surface has good waterproof effect and is its biggest advantage. The disadvantage is that this kind of mortar has high hardness and is easy to crack with the deformation of the base layer, so it is generally used for waterproofing the back surface.

Home waterproof material four, coil class!

Most of the waterproof coatings on the market belong to water-soluble materials, and all businesses also claim that water-soluble waterproof coatings are environmentally-friendly materials, and most of the oil-soluble waterproof coatings are not environmentally friendly. In fact, whether it is water-soluble or oil-soluble waterproof coating, as long as the relevant national environmental certification, such as China's environmental labeling certification or CTC product environmental protection, quality certification, these materials are environmentally friendly and reliable.

Home improvement waterproof material 5, acrylic waterproof coating

Acrylic waterproof material is pure acrylate copolymer or pure propionate emulsion. It is made by adding appropriate amount of high-quality fillers and additives. It is a synthetic resin single component waterproof coating. For water-soluble paints, it can be diluted with water. After the conjunctiva has more flexibility and extensibility, the waterproof effect is significant, the price is moderate, and the home improvement is preferred. However, only a few larger decoration companies are used in the decoration company. The price is high!

How to make the interior decoration waterproof? Interior Renovation Waterproof Step 1: Make a Hydropower Foundation Project

From a safety point of view, it is better for the bathroom water pipe wires to go above than below. However, many "guerrillas" are eager to work hard, water and electricity are on the ground, and even in the toilets, they open the ground and cut round holes.

Waterproof interior decoration Step 2: Clean up the basement and walls

The house is waterproof, involving balconies, kitchens, and bathrooms, but the focus is on the bathroom. First of all, with a small metal hammer hit the wall, the ground, if you find the empty sound of the "å™—å™—", which means there is an empty drum, you must knock out all empty parts. Then carefully clean up the four basements and the ground, remove the nails, and clean the dirt. It's best to rinse it with clean water and let it dry.

Interior decoration waterproof third step: do the first rigid waterproof

Toilet water pipes can be changed, try not to change; if you want to change, do not use cement mortar to fill the pores, be sure to plug the king points to fill in three times. The most likely leaks in the room are the sewer pipes and the four corners of the corner. Therefore, these important parts should be given special attention. The ground must be divided into three blocks, with intervals. In this way, a layer of rigid waterproof armor is worn on the ground. Inside the bathroom threshold, there is a slope to be painted high to prevent the water from flowing back to the outside room, and the threshold stone must be slightly covered with fine cement mortar to plug the king.

Interior decoration waterproof fourth step: elastic waterproof coating do the second

After the new house is built and delivered, there will be a certain amount of settlement. Over time, the hard plugging Wang Elastic Coating will be cracked due to settlement and lose its waterproof effect. Therefore it is necessary to add a second insurance - elastic waterproof coating. The first is to do the first wall moisture, so that more than one meter eight. Because people bathing will spray water on the wall tiles, the gap between the tile molecules is large, the water molecules can easily enter the wall, penetrate the opposite room wall, resulting in paint peeling off the back of the bathroom, wallpaper moldy discoloration. The wall surface should be damp-proof and then be plastered with a wall tile, and then be ground-repaired and waterproofed.

How to detect the interior decoration waterproof effect?

The waterproof effect of the decoration is good or not. The relevant state regulations stipulate that the water conservation experiment time is 24 hours. In fact, this is still not safe, because the infiltration effect of water molecules is a slow process. The time for registration of water conservation is required. When the water supply ends after 72 hours, both the landlord and the company quality inspection department must be notified. Everyone went to the household below to check for leaks. No water leaks, all three parties must sign and agree, and then photographed as a photo archive.

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