12*12 Mesh 0.58 Wire Bulletproof Staineless Steel Mosquito Net

Model NO.: 11x11 12x12
Wire Diameter: 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.0mm
Surface Treament: Electrostatic Spray.
Colors: Grey, Black, White
Certificate: ISO9001 ISO14001
Trademark: JINSHI
Specification: 11x11mm 12x12mm 14x14mm
Origin: China
HS Code: 76169100
Stainless steel security window screen
Stainless steel security window screen is also called security mesh, safety net, bulletproof net, guard against theft window screening,   It is made of high quality stainless steel wire.
By cutting, flatting, cleaning and then electrostatic powder coating, the mesh flat, best transmittance, same longitude and latitude curvature, better transmittance, anti-mosquito, anti insect. It is the first choice of safety production for anti-theft, bulletproof and home & office.Because it usually used for the doors and window, we also call it as metal security doors and windows screen.
1.Mesh flat and hard, mesh well-distributed
2.Best impact resistance
3.Electrostatic powder coating, aging resistance, corrosion prevention
4.Anti fire, safety and burglary resistant
Material Of King Kong Wire Mesh:
 stainless steel 304 ,316,316L mesh, carbon steel mesh
Aperture: 11x11mesh, 12x12 mesh, 14x14mesh,etc. .
Wire diameter: 0.7mm,0.80mm, 0.90mm, etc.
Stainless steel window screening has nice properties, such as good stablity, rust-resistance, heat-resistance, acid-resistance and corrosion-resistance and so on.
With those unique features, stainless steel window screening could be applied under high temperature workshops and civil constructions.
Various of Colors:
The color of stainless steel window screening could be white, green, black,etc. which could be ordered according to cunstomers' requirements.
Stainless steel window screening is used in family decoration, doors or windows to prevent insects from entering.
Specifications of Stainless Steel Expanded Metal:
Weaving method: Plain weave, crimp weave.
Surface Treatment : Electrostatic spray.
Common colors blue, black, gray, white, yellow, etc.
Mesh panel size:
1200mmx2000mm; 1200mm*2400mm
1000mmx2000mm; 1000mm*2400mm
900mm*2000mm; 900mm*2400mm
750mm*2000mm; 750mm*2400mm
walk way, flooring, furniture, architecture decoration, outdoor works, ceiling and cabinets, screen, guest houses, entertainment place, kitchen equipment, etc.
Material Mesh per inch Wire Dia (mm) Wire Dia (inch) Open Area
AISI 316 or 304 10 x 10 0.9mm 0.035" 41.7
AISI 316 or 304 10 x 10 1.2mm 0.028" 27.8
AISI 316 or 304 10 x 10 0.8mm 0.032" 46.9
AISI 316 or 304 10 x 10 1.15mm 0.045" 29.9
AISI 316 or 304 11 x 11 0.8mm 0.032" 42.5
AISI 316 or 304 11 x 11 0.7mm 0.027" 48.3
AISI 316 or 304 12 x 12 0.7mm 0.027" 44.8
AISI 316 or 304 12 x 12 0.58mm 0.023" 52.8
Special mesh can be made according to customers requirement
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LED Fountain Light

LED technology`s LED fountain light is an energy-saving and environment-friendly underwater lamp, the first choice for outdoor landscape lighting projects.The quality of this fountain light has passed CE, ROHS,QPC and other certifications.

LEDER technology`s LED Fountain Light appearance is small and delicate, beautiful and generous. According to the national standard, fountain lamps must be strictly controlled in the human safety voltage below 12V,24V voltage.The fountain light is made of aluminum alloy, which is water resistant and corrosion resistant.The light source is LED light source, which is conducive to energy saving, good color temperature and environmental protection.In addition, it is a toughened glass panel, with a stable structure, strong sealing, strong impact resistance characteristics.


• Exquisite technology, enhance the life of the lamp

• Intelligent waterproof drive, strengthen solid waterproof plug

• Easy Reliable Installation

• High efficiency heat dissipation aluminum material, protect the core parts of the lamp body

• The pursuit of quality, environmental protection and energy saving

• Color temperature :3000k-6000K

• Super waterproof performance

• Type of protection: IP20 /IP65 (Some models)

• Warranty:3 - 5 years

What is more, LED Fountain Light Festival can be environmentally friendly, long life. And LED Fountain lights can improve people's visual effects. It is suitable for the following scenes, for example, swimming pool, fountain, river, aquarium and other places.

We have rich production experience in lighting .Except Indoor Lighting product, we also offered other product in Outdoor Lighting ,such as LED Flood Light , LED Street Light , LED Inground Light, LED Spike Light & LED Bollard Light as so on .

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