The choice of ball mill grinding system for Henan Bochuang mineral processing equipment should be considered



Mineral processing line equipment The choice of ball mill grinding system should consider the performance, output, power consumption, maintenance and ease of operation and maintenance of the grinding material. The grinding system has two kinds of open and closed circuits. When it becomes a product after passing through the mill, it is called an open circuit system ; when the material is ground and selected by the grading equipment, and the coarse material is returned to the grinding and regrind, it is called a closed road system. The advantage of the ball mill open circuit system is that the process is simple, the equipment is small, the investment is saved, and the operation is simple ; however, the material can be ground only when the material is fully qualified. Therefore, when the fineness of the product is required to be fine, the material that has been prepared for grinding is overgrown, thereby reducing the grinding efficiency and increasing the power consumption.

When the closed circuit system is ground, due to the coarseness of the required grinding, the short- or medium-length grinding and grading equipment are generally combined into a closed circuit system. When the grading equipment forms a closed circuit with a billiard mill, it is called a first-level closed-circuit system ; when it forms a closed circuit with two short-runs, it is called a secondary closed-circuit system.

Due to the finer discharge of the long mill, it is generally only used for open circuit systems or for closed circuits with low cycle load efficiency.

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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Pharmaceutical intermediates are actually some chemical materials or products used in the process of drug synthesis. This kind of chemical product do not need the production license of the medicine, which can be produced in the ordinary chemical plant. As long as it reach some level, it can be used for the synthesis of the medicine.

The so-called pharmaceutical intermediates are actually some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the process of pharmaceutical synthesis. This chemical product, which does not require a production license of a drug, can be produced in a common chemical plant and can be used for the synthesis of drugs as long as it reaches some level.


Pharmaceutical Intermediates

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